Victorinox Tourist vs Spartan: Which One to Choose?

Victorinox Tourists and Victorinox Spartans are getting the love and appreciation from the people. They also look almost the same. But still, there are some dissimilarities too.

What are the differences between Victorinox tourist vs spartan?

If you are focusing on pocket friendliness then Victorinox is a better choice. Victorinox tourist is small in size so the tools are also smaller and less thick than spartan. But it doesn’t have a better grip like spartan. Then again Victornoxt tourist is comparatively more affordable.

Well, that’s not all. Won’t it be better to have more ideas? So, without wasting any time, let’s go through the article to know more!

Victorinox Tourist vs Spartan: 5 Root differences

If we talk about Victorinox Spartan reviews and Victorinox Tourist reviews, then there are quite good responses for both of them.

But if anyone asks you to choose one of them for gifting someone or for yourself! Which one will you choose? We know it’s quite a difficult case here.

That’s why in order to help you, here we have listed all the basic and important differences between them in the table.

Let’s take a look at the table below!

Basic FeaturesVictorinox TouristVictorinox Spartan
PriceFrom $19 From $21
Pocket Friendliness More Pocket-friendlyPocket-friendly
Thickness of the ToolsSmaller and Less ThickBigger and Thicker
Better GripNot AvailableAvailable

Wanna know the differences in detail? Then let’s keep reading!

Victorinox Tourist vs Spartan: 5 Detailed Comparison

Here we have explained the differences between them in detail one by one. Hoping that it can help you to choose better.

Let’s start!


Victorinox Tourist prices start from $19. It’s a transparent version. That’s why if you want to buy at a low price, then you can buy the transparent one.

The price of the red and black is not so much more than $19. But you can also buy it in wooden, camo, and ruby themes. You can also customize it to other themes. But it will cost you more.

Victorinox Spartan’s price starts from $21. The transparent version is available at this price.

If you want to buy red, black, wooden, camo, ruby, or any other theme by customization, then you can. But it will cost you more too. It can cost up to $100.


Though their price is almost the same, Victorinox Spartan is comparatively more pricey than Victorinox Tourist.


The size of the Victorinox Tourist is the perfect size for a mini multi-tool. Its width is 14 mm, its length is 84 mm and its weight is 51 gm.

It’s not so long in size and its weight is minimal too.

Now, we will talk about the size of Victorinox Spartan. Its width is 14 mm, length is 91mm, and weight is 59 gm.

Here you can see that its length and weight are not so large too. But comparatively, it is more than the Victorinox Tourist. But still, its size can also be considered as a perfect mini multi-tool.


Victorinox Spartan is larger in weight and length than the Victorinox Tourist.

Pocket Friendliness

Now you know the size of the Victorinox Tourists. Its length and weight make it perfect to keep in our pocket. It won’t make your pocket heavy.

It also has a key ring. And that’s why you can easily keep them with other keys without losing them.

It has been designed so that it won’t poke you too.

Victorinox spartan is also a pocket-friendly multi-tool, though its length and weight is larger than the Victorinox Tourist.

But the increased weight and length are not too much to be irritated.


Victorinox Tourist is more pocket friendly than Victorinox Spartan.

The Thickness of the Tools

Victorinox Tourist is the same as the Victorinox Spartan. They are just the smaller version of the tools of the Victorinox Spartan.

The tools are perfectly sharpened and useful too. They are just not as thick as Victorinox Spartan. But still, their thickness is okay.

If you want a multi-tool just for emergency cases of your life and some for regular staff but still don’t want them in large then you can buy a Victorinox Tourist.

Victorinox Spartan has a lot of tools and it’s about 12 tools. All of its tools are sharpened and useful. And they are larger than the Victorinox Tourist.

Some admire the thickness of the tools and think them to be more useful. If you are one of those, then Victorinox Spartan will not disappoint you.

And if you want tools to help almost in every work like cutting fruits etc, then the tools of Victorinox Spartan will be more helpful here.


The tools of the Victorinox Spartan are thicker and larger than the Victorinox Tourist.

Better Grip

Victorinox Tourist is comparatively small. And its length is small too. That’s why the handle is small too.

So, it can be a problem for you that the handle is small and you can’t hold the handle in a better way and efficiently.

The handle of the Victorinox Spartan is large in length and is big enough to hold it too.

You can easily hold the handle in your hand and use the tools in a better way. You can also give perfect energy to the handle too. For this, you can also use the tools in a smooth way.


You can have a better grip on the handle of Victorinox Spartan but not on the handle of Victorinox Tourist.

Victorinox Tourist vs Spartan: Which One is Better?

Well, both of them are good. But in order to choose one, here we have some suggestions for you.

If you are fond of minimal things and want to carry a multi-tool for your regular life that can help you to get out of unwanted situations without heaving your pocket, then Victorinox Tourist can be a great choice. It is comparatively less pricey too.

Let’s say you don’t have any problems with the little bit larger size and want thicker tools. And a better grip to use the tools efficiently and also want something which is more effective for hiking, travel, camping, etc. 

In this case, Victorinox Spartan is a better one.

That’s all. Now you know all the important aspects and features and differences. Choose according to your needs. Hope you will choose the best one.


Are Wenger and Victoronix Comparable?

Yes, Wenger and Victorinox are comparable. Yet, it’s also true that there are many similarities between them. They can provide almost the same features and attributes in their tools. But Victoronix can be a winner here because it can provide its tools at a lower price than Wenger. 

What is the best swiss knife?

Among all the swiss knives, Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Knife is considered to be the best. It can provide you with 15 different useful and important functions and it can also give you a lifetime warranty. All of these features will make you love the multitool. That’s why it’s the best.

Are all knives TSA approved?

No, not all kinds of knives are TSA-approved. The TSA has allowed knives that are 2.36 inches in length or less than that and less than half an inch in the width. If a knife has these features, then it will be allowed to board the plane. Otherwise, the passenger will have to leave it at the airport.


Hopefully, you know now how to differentiate between Victorinox tourist vs spartan. Choose according to the differences in their features and your needs.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed the article. You can ask us in the comment box if you have any queries.

Best wishes!

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