Bear Grylls vs Les Stroud Knife: Battle of Survival Knives

Survival knives are one of the top trending knives nowadays. People are quite hyped about it; especially knife enthusiasts.

Among the survival knives, the Bear Grylls and Les Stroud knives have really created a competition. As a result, people are both obsessed with and confused about choosing them.

So, what is the better choice between Bear Grylls vs Les Stroud Knife?

The Les Stroud knife is lighter than the Bear Grylls knife. Yet, the quality of the blade and sheath materials also drops. But you can get it for cheaper. On the contrary, the Bear Grylls knife possesses higher quality. Still, it is the heavier and more expensive option between the two.

This information is only a glance at the entire comparison. To make the best decision, you must read the full article.

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Bear Grylls Vs Les Stroud Knife: a Short Comparison

Due to the wide variety of information available, it is easy to get lost when choosing a product. Yet, a quick look at the key differences can actually help you get close to the decision.

It is also applicable to the Bear Grylls and Les Stroud knives.

We are comparing the ultimate knives. Below, I have mentioned all the major differences these knives have. Different values and types have also been filled in. 

Have a good look at it to solidify your decision-

Differentiating FactorsBear Grylls KnifeLes Stroud Knife
SheathRugged nylonPlastic
Blade length4.8 inches4.75 inches
MaterialCarbon steelStainless steel
Weight416 grams255 grams

Now, let’s dive into the deep discussion. You can be enriched with more information from the next section. Give it a good read.

Bear Grylls Vs Les Stroud Knife: an Elaborated Comparison

Numbers and small details won’t help you in making a decision. You will need broad information about both survival knives. And quite conveniently, that is exactly what I have provided below!

Analyze the key differences between these 2 knives to make the best decision. All you have to do is read, so have a good look.


A knife’s weight is really critical for a user. It overall structures the usage and portability. For instance, a lightweight knife is good most of the time. It is easy to carry around, and it also has a decent amount of versatility.

Speaking of portability and versatility, the Les Stroud knife practically defines both. The Les Stroud knife comes in at only 255 grams, which is super impressive.

Considering it packs a whole bunch of abilities, 255 grams is really lightweight.

On the other hand, the Bear Grills knife weighs 416 grams. Although it is quite light for a knife, it is almost half a kilogram. It is also much heavier than the Les Stroud knife. Heavier weights increase the hassle of carrying and operating the knife itself.

Winner: The Les Stroud knife wins the round for being the lighter option between the two.

Sheath and Material

After using a knife, it must be stored in a sheath. The material of the knife is really important as well. Fortunately, both the Bear Grylls and Les Stroud knives are provided with sheaths and excellent material. Yet, there are a few differences.

Many people wonder, are Bear Grylls knives any good in terms of material? Well, yes! The Bear Grylls knife is made out of carbon stainless steel; which is a good choice for blades.

And, the sheath of this knife is made out of rugged nylon, which is super durable.

On the other hand, the Les Stroud knife is made out of rust-resistant steel. It is also 440A graded. The high-carbon stainless steel is better than this steel. The sheath is also made out of plastic, which is less durable than rugged nylon.

By using these sheaths, you can store the knife easily after use. Most of them are universal, so don’t worry about compatibility. 

Winner: For this category, the Bear Grylls knife wins for having a better sheath and material.

Blade Length

When choosing a blade, you have to be aware of the blade length. The length of a knife blade can determine the range of its use. Since survival knives are the fittest for the outdoors, the blade’s deets are important.

Many people ask, what kind of knife does Bear Grylls use? Well, he uses a long blade length of 4.8 inches. This long length allows it to do many tasks that short-blade knives can’t.

For instance, the Bear Grylls knife can cut through small to medium logs.

On the other hand, the Les Stroud blade has a length of 4.75 inches. While it is almost as long as the Bear Grylls knife, it still comes up short.

In fact, due to the 0.05-inch deficiency, it may even lose some of its applications!

Winner: For the blade length category, the Bear Grylls knife is the winner for a longer blade.


Whenever you are buying something, it always comes with a price. Similarly, these two knives have different prices as well. Knowing about the prices will ultimately determine if a knife is in your budget or not.

The price of the Bear Grylls knife is $44.95. At just under 50 bucks, this knife has a lot to offer. But there’s a catch. The Les Stroud is a better option than the Bear Grylls knife in terms of pricing.

On the other end, the Les Stroud knife price is 37$. It’s really cheap considering its usability. It’s hard to imagine a survival knife that costs that little.

As you already know from the discussion above, the price-to-value ratio is perfect on this knife.

Winner: From the cost perspective, the Les Stroud knife wins because it is cheaper!

Bear Grylls Vs Les Stroud Knife: Which One is the Best?

Choosing a survival knife comes down to the preferences you have. For instance, the weight, storage option, usability, etc. Based on these aspects, you can make the best decision. I’ve still summed up the pros and cons below.

If you are looking for a cheap knife with low weight, choose the Les Stroud knife. It is way lighter and less expensive than the other knife.

However, you will be sacrificing quality levels for the sheath and the blade material itself. It is the only major downside.

On the other hand, choose the Bear Grylls knife for good material. It has excellent material grading for the blade and the sheath.

Yet, you will be carrying a heavy knife as it is the heavier option. Also, this knife will cost a bit more than the Les Stroud knife.


Is Gerber’s ultimate full tang?

Yes, the Gerber Ultimate is full of tang and so much more! Evolving from a fixed blade, the Gerbal Ultimate is now a full survival system. It has a serrated half edge and a drop point blade, along with a full tang. It is also very grippy because of the ergonomic rubber handle it has. It’s combined with a steel hammer pommel.

What kind of gear does Bear Grylls wear?

Bear Grylls wears the BG range of clothes. He usually tries to find a sweet spot among durability, style, and comfort. The BG clothes are manufactured and made in collaboration with Craghoppers. It is a top adventure brand that is known for its adventure-friendly clothes. Bear Grylls is known to wear these clothes most of the time.

Does Gerber have good knives?

Yes, Gerber has outstanding knives. Over the past few years, Gerber has seen a resurrection of their knife series. This remake mainly happened because of the fixed blades provided by Gerber. For instance, the Gerber LMF II is a very renowned fixed blade. It has fame, and more importantly, it is a very useful tool!

The Final Words

That is all from me on this comparison. Hopefully, now you can choose correctly between Bear Grylls vs Les Stoud Knife.

Always think critically before choosing a knife. Since you won’t be upgrading or swapping knives frequently, think of it as a one-time purchase.

I wish you all the best.

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