Bark River Aurora vs Bravo 1: Which One is Better?

Choosing between bushcraft knives can be a hassle. This hassle and confusion get more intense when choosing between Bravo 1 and Bark River Aurora.

Both of these infamous bushcraft knives feature many similarities and dissimilarities. This has bushcraft knife users really confused when coming up with the best option.

So, what should you choose between bark river aurora vs bravo 1?

If you want the sharpest knife between the two, go with the Bark River Aurora. Although the blades of the Bravo 1 are a bit thicker, it does have a good balance. The decreased length helps in this case. The Aurora is less heavy than the Bravo 1 knife, but it’s more expensive as well.

This much information can be easily and critically comprehended. But to understand all the information presented, read the article through to the conclusion.

Start right now.

Bark River Aurora VS Bravo 1: A Quick Overview

Although it may seem like all knives have the same purpose, they can be different. There is a handful of differentiating factors that exist between 2 knives. That is the same for the Bravo 1 and Bark River Aurora Knife.

I have designed a table below to help you know the differentiating factors. This way, you can get a brief overview of the Bravo 1 vs. Bark River Aurora.

Differentiating FactorsBark River AuroraBark Bravo 1
BalanceLess More
Spear pointNarrowLess narrow
PriceStarts from $202.47Starts from $179.96

You’re prepared for an information-packed talk now that you’ve overviewed the 2 knives. 

Read every bit of the elaborated comparison I have provided below. This will definitely solidify your decision, so have at it!

Bark River Aurora Vs Bravo 1: Elaborated Comparison

Let us know more details about these knives. I have elaborated on the key differences below. Give it a good read to make the best decision.


The thickness of knives is always important. The blade thickness of a knife also determines the sharpness of a blade. The thinner a knife is, the sharper it is! Ultimately, the sharpness of a knife is the most important factor in it. If a knife is blunt, it is useless!

In the case of the Bark River Aurora knife, it has the lesser thickness between the two. The Bark River Aurora’s thickness is only .170 inches. It is less than 2 inches, which is impressive.

This also makes it one of the thinnest bushcraft knives out there. The super thin blade also makes the spear point narrower. The narrow spear point and sharpness are useful in many cases of crafting!

On the other hand, the Bravo 1 has a thicker blade. It consists of a .215-inch blade. It is almost a centimeter thicker than the Aurora. While 1 centimeter may seem really small, it does have a big impact on the knife.

The Bravo is less sharp than the Aurora. On the same note, it also has a less narrow point. Whenever you are buying a knife, you rate it by its sharpness.

If you want, you can try to sharpen the Bravo 1 using a whetstone.

By using these whetstones, you can decrease the thickness of your blades. These stones also work for kitchen knives.

Winner: The Bark River Aurora wins for having the thinnest and sharpest blades!


The length of the knife is overlooked as a feature most of the time. It’s a very important aspect of knives in general, as well as bark river bushcraft knives. A small knife is ideally a more useful knife. It can be stored more easily than longer knives.

The Bravo 1 has a length of 9.065 inches. It is the shorter blade in comparison. This has a number of advantages.

One mention-worthy advantage is, that the balance is enhanced with shorter knives. They are easier to hold and store, which is a big plus as well.

On the contrary, the bark river aurora has a length of 9.5 inches. It is almost an inch bigger than the Bravo 1. The greater length actually proportionally decreases the balance of the knife as well. It needs more space to be stored and is harder to control.

Winner: In the length category, the Bravo 1 wins for having the shortest length!


When talking about knives, another important physical description is weight. Lightweight knives are better than heavier knives in terms of versatility. On top of that, since you will be carrying the knife, you can reduce the weight that way.

The Bark River Aurora has a weight of 6 oz. This is an impressive weight in general. Additionally, it is less than the Bravo 1 bushcraft knife weight.

In most cases, carrying a knife is a hassle. This is why choosing knives with less weight is the optimal decision.

On the contrary, the Bravo 1 knife has a decent weight, but it’s still more than the Aurora. The Bravo 1 has a weight of 7.375 oz. It is quite clear that the Bravo 1 is heavier than the Aurora. It is almost 40 grams more than the bark river aurora.

The heavier weight can make carrying the Bravo 1 a problem. Also, when working with the Bravo 1, you will require more strength. The increased weight will require an increased amount of force.

Winner: In the weight category, the Bark River Aurora wins for being lightweight!


Computing the price of something and seeing if it fits your budget is necessary. For small and useful things like bushcraft knives, it is applicable as well. Now, let’s know about the pricing of these 2 knives.

The Bark River Aurora comes at a price of 202.47 dollars. Note that there are countless models of this knife. Yet, the base version starts at this price. While the price may seem fair, it is not negligible.

Don’t get me wrong; the Aurora does pack a lot of good features. However, not everyone sets the budget for a bushcraft knife at $200. It is a bit on the expensive side.

On the contrary, you can get the bravo 1 for only 179.96 dollars. Similar to the Aurora, it is the base price and the Bravo 1 has many different models. The reduced price makes it more affordable and achievable.

The base version of Bravo 1 offers a good package as well. Since the Bravo 1’s cheaper, you can save those extra 20 – 25 dollars to upgrade it. This can be the optimal decision!

Winner: For being the inexpensive option between the two, Bravo 1 wing the cost category. 

Bark River Aurora vs Bravo 1: Which One Should You Choose?

I am sure that indulging all this was informative. But now it is time to choose between the knives. You need to derive an ultimatum.

If you are looking for a lightweight knife that is also sharp, pick the Bark River Aurora. This knife will provide you with a really thin blade and a lighter knife experience. But it is more costly than the Bravo 1. It is a long knife for which the balance is a bit off.

And if you are focusing on a budget and want a balanced knife, go with the Bravo 1. This knife is shorter and will provide more precision as it is balanced. However, the blades are thicker on this knife. Additionally, this knife is heavy, which makes it hard to carry. 


What is the best material for a hunting knife?

The best material for hunting knives is stainless steel. This is also the most affordable material if you are looking to buy a hunting knife. Stainless steel blades are of high quality, inexpensive, and they also last longer. Stainless steel knives offer high-chromium and high-carbon steel; which helps them stand out. 

How thick should a bushcraft knife be?

The blades of the bushcraft knives should be at least 1 / 16 or 1 / 8 inches thick. Although there are no specific rules for this, the majority of bushcraft knives are made this way. If you have more thickness, you will have more balance when cutting something. On the other hand, thin knives have their perks as well. 

What can a bushcraft knife do?

A bushcraft knife has a handful of practical usages. Starting from carving feather sticks to starting campfires, the bushcraft knife can do it all! You can also do wood carving, setting traps, skinning small limbs, etc. These knives are related to survival and camping. They can be super useful in various situations!

The Final Words

You’ve reached the final paragraph of this article. Hopefully, now you can pick the best knife between Bark River Aurora and Bravo 1.

If you are out hunting, you will need more gear and a knife. Always take the whole package with you to enjoy the finest experience.

Have fun!

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