Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet Vs Outdoor Axe: [Compared]

When talking about hatchets and axes, Gransfors Bruks is a renowned brand for homemade axes. They have a wildlife series, where there is a competition between the axe and hatchet. 

People are obsessing nowadays about finding the best option between the axe and the hatchet.

So, what is the better option between the gransfors bruks wildlife hatchet vs outdoor axe?

The Gransfors outdoor axe is lighter compared to the wildlife hatchet. But the wildlife hatchet is much more comfortable and has a better balance. Yet, it’s heavy. The outdoor axe is much lighter but less comfortable to hold. It’s also more expensive than the hatchet. Both of them come with a sheath.

This information is merely an overview. Read the whole article thoroughly to differentiate between the hatchet and the axe properly.

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Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet Vs Outdoor Axe: A Brief Comparison

In general, people confuse axes and hatchets frequently. To put it into perspective, hatchets can be thought of as small axes. Yet, that is not the case entirely.

Similar to this dilemma, there are a lot of similarities and dissimilarities between these two. The Granfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet and the Granfors Bruks Wildlife outdoor axe can be differentiated.

But for that, you will need a quick first glance at the differences.

In the table below, I have mentioned all the key differences between these two woodwork tools. Have a look-

Differentiating FactorsGranfors Bruks Wildlife HatchetOutdoor Axe
SheathVegetable-tanned leatherVegetable-tanned leather
HandleFlatLess flat
Length35 cm37 cm
Weight1.3 lbs1 lb

Now that you have got a glance at the key differences, let’s dive deeper. I will below explain the key differences in detail.

All this information will really help you make the best decision!

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet Vs Outdoor Axe: Detailed Comparison

A lot of information about these axes needs to be digested in order to differentiate these axes. Let’s get right into it!


The weight of an axe or hatchet is definitely really important. The overall user experience and usability depend on it! Different people like different weights, but lightweight is mostly preferred.

The weight of the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet is 1.3 lbs. It is more than a half kilo, which is a bit on the high side of weight. Working with this hatchet may be tougher than usual.

The more weight a hatchet has, the more force and strength are needed to operate it. So the basic operating power of the Gransfors hatchet is already high. This may be uncomfortable for many hatchet users.

On the contrary, the Gransfors Bruks outdoor axe is a lighter option. It is only 1 lb.

This is much lighter than the Gransfors Bruks hatchet. This is also a noteworthy difference when comparing the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet vs mini hatchet.

Because of its lightweight, operating this outdoor axe is much easier than operating the hatchet. Along with that, the lightweight also eases the carrying of the axe.

So, in terms of usability and versatility, the Bruks outdoor axe is definitely better. 

Winner: When it comes to weight, the Gransfors Bruks outdoor axe wins for being lighter!


Every hatchet or axe requires holding them by the handle. So the handle of the axes and hatchet is mighty important. A good handle is always comfortable and easy to hold; which makes the user experience better.

The Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet has a flat finish to its handle. The overall design of the handle is flat, which is easy for the hands. Additionally, it makes the hatchet more grippy in certain situations.

On the other hand, the Gransfors Bruks outdoor axe has a less flat handle. It’s good enough on its own, but when compared to the hatchet, it’s not as good.

As a result, it has a bit lower user experience than the hatchet.

Since the use of an axe includes tons of swinging, it needs good handles. The more grippy and comfortable it is to hold, the better.

But not everyone uses axes for cutting wood. Some use it for bushcraft as well. By using these axes, you will definitely make the process of bushcraft easier!

Winner: For having a more comfortable and flat handle, the hatchet wins this round.


The feature that plays a critical role for axes and hatchets is the length. It greatly affects the storage and usage aspects of the axe or hatchet.

The length of the Gransfors Bruks outdoor axe is 37 centimeters. This is a good length for axes, and it is quite helpful as well. When chopping wood, the length of the outdoor axes helps it swing easily.

This is also seen in the Gransfors Bruks small forest axe. For the larger length, the balance of the outdoor axe is less than the hatchet.

On the other hand, the Gransfors wildlife hatchet has a length of 35 centimeters. It is almost the same as the outdoor axe. However, the difference is clear when operating the hatchet. It feels a lot more limited compared to the outdoor axe.

But on the plus side, the hatchet has an improved balance. This is due to the combination of the shorter length and increased weight. The balance can be inspected while cleaving or riving wood.

Winner: For this round, the Gransfors outdoor axe wins for having the larger length.


Whenever you are comparing two products, the price of each product makes a big difference. The cost of the product can determine if it is in your budget or not.

The Gransfors Bruks outdoor axe comes in at a price of 152 euros. This price is a tad bit higher than the average price of outdoor axes. It’s clear that the Gransfors outdoor axe provides a lot of advantages in this price range. 

Yet, it is still a high price.

Now, the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet actually comes at a cheaper price. It costs 141 euros; making it 11 euros cheaper than the outdoor axe. If you are tight on your budget, the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet can actually serve you pretty well!

Winner: The Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet wins this round for being the least expensive option.

What Should You Go for?

When choosing between tools like hatchets and axes, it all comes down to your priorities. Setting your priorities right will ultimately filter out the choices!

But let me help you further.

If you’re aiming for a long tool for chopping wood, the Granfors outdoor axe is for you. It is also quite light compared to other axes.

Yet, it is a bit less comfortable to hold than the wildlife hatchet. Additionally, it does come at a very expensive price.

On the other hand, the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet should be your choice for a small budget. It provides a lot at a cheaper price, such as good balance, a comfy handle, etc.

Still, it is a bit on the heavier side and it’s shorter than the axe.

Both the axe and the hatchet come with a sheath. It is a vegetable-tanned sheath that makes storing easier.


Should an axe be razor sharp?

Yes, an axe can be razor sharp if you want it to be. In fact, the more sharp your axe is, the better. It depends on what work you will be doing. Although all of the axes can be Not all of them need it sharpened. Sharpening an axe will thin out the outward portion of the metal. This can make the axe weak sometimes. 

How heavy should an axe be?

The axes should be 4 – 5 lbs. each. This calculation is based on only the comfort of holding the axe. Other factors can help with the cutting of an axe. For instance, the sharpness and shape. Axes that are too heavy or too light can be a problem. Finding the perfect balance for your cutting needs is vital.

Can an axe make a blacksmith?

Yes, an axe can make a blacksmith. Axes were forged by the neighborhood blacksmith prior to the invention of power hammers and drop forges. An axe head was constructed of two parts: a little tougher steel and an iron or softer steelhead. This is less likely to be inspected in this modern age and time.

The Final Words

You have read the entire article by now. I hope that you’ll choose the best option between gransfors bruks wildlife hatchet vs outdoor axe.

Tools consisting of blades should always be sharp. So, if your tasks consist of a lot of cutting, always buy sharp tools.

Have a great day!

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