Mini 14 vs 30 Carbine: Which One Is Better?

Choosing a perfect gun for you is a matter to think about, isn’t it! It takes a lot of criteria to decide which one is perfect for you. So, let’s find out…

Which one is better between mini 14 vs 30 carbine?

Mini 14 has two models 5801 will cost $1229 and 5802 which will cost $1319. On the other hand, 30 carbines will cost around $1435. Mini 14 has a shooting range of 250-300 yards but 30 carbine has 180-200 yards. Mini 14 is a large gun with 6 lb but 30 carbine is more compact with 5.8 lb.

Now let’s take a deeper look into the article and choose the best for you.

A Quick Comparison Between Mini 14 and 30 Carbine

Both the Mini 14 and 30 Carbine is very popular among shooting lovers. These guns are equally popular among different users. But I am going to talk about all the criteria so that it will be easier to decide which is the best for you.

The most popular 30 carbine rifle is the M1 carbine. So I’m going to compare the Mini 14 with the M1 carbine for you better understand. Let’s have a sneak peek at the basic differences between ruger mini 14 vs 30 carbine,  

Ground of ComparisonMini 1430 Carbine
Shotting range 250-300 yards180-200 Yards
After Market SupportBetterGood
Barrel Length:18.50″18”
Weight6 lb5.2 lb
Total Length 37.25”35.6”
Cartridge.223 Remington.30 Carbine
Feed system5- to 30-round15- or 30-round

But there is a point what should be mentioned. M1/30 carbine has a historical value that Mini 14 doesn’t have. And that makes the M1 carbine more attractive to its users.

Bot of the rifles is equally compatible in recoil and handling. So there won’t be an issue with handling both of the rifles.

You will get two models of Mini 14. One is 5801 which will cost $1229. The other one is 5802 which will cost $1319. 

Now let’s take a deeper look into the aspects. This will help you to get the preferred one as per your requirements.  

In-Depth Comparison Between Mini 14 and 30 Carbine

There are different fanbases of mini 14 and 30 carbines. That’s why it is kind of hard to declare which one is the best. Both have some special abilities that make each one better than the other.

Compare to 30 carbines, mini 14 is a newbie to the market. That’s why 30 carbine has an old fanbase. Which is very much larger than mini 14.

But mini 14 has some great aspects which are creating a good competition with 30 carbines. So, what are those? Let’s have a look.

Shooting Range & Valocity

Let’s talk about Mini 14 first. It is claimed by the users mini 14 has a great range of shooting at its price point. It can shoot up to 300 yards with great accuracy.

Then again the velocity is also really good for mini 14. Which is better than 30 carbine.

30 has a shooting range of 180 – 200 yards. This is of course not much as mini 14 but accuracy is also good with 30 carbines. So, if you are planning to buy a rifle for close-range shooting 30 carbine is a good option.

The velocity is also good with 30 carbine but mini 14 has better velocity.

Winner: For better shooting range and velocity mini 14 wins this segment.


The total length of mini 14 is 37.25” which can be counted as a large gun right! It has an 18.50″ barrel which is also quite large.

The total length of 30 carbines is 35.6”. Which can be counted as a more compact gun compared to mini 14. It has an 18″ barrel which is large but compared to the overall length it seems perfect.

Most rifle users like compact rifles because it is easy to carry. Then again it is easy to use when you are trying to shoot in a small range. Small length helps you to hide your gun easily in the bush.

Winner: For being more compact 30 carbine wins this segment. 


As mini 14 is a large gun generally it should weigh more than 30 carbines! The weight of a mini 14 is 6 lb which is considered a heavy gun.

Compared to mini 14, 30 carbine is less heavy. The weight of 30 carbines is 5.2 lb as it is a more compact gun so the weight should be less.

Now there are two kinds of opinions on the weight of a gun. Those who are using guns for years found heavier guns more comfortable. But lighter guns are better for intermediate users as they are easy to handle.

Winner: As weight depends on users so both are equal.


Mini 14 uses a .223 Remington cartridge. M1/30 carbine uses the .30 carbine. There are huge differences between these two types of cartridges.

The .223 Remington is larger and heavier than the .30 carbine. Which is considered better and more accurate than the .30 carbine.

Both of these cartridges are equally available and cost kind of the same as each other.

Winner: For having a more accurate cartridge mini 14 wins this segment.


Price is always an important deciding point. Because it defines the values you are getting from the rifle.

As I’ve already mentioned mini 14 has two variants. One is 5801 which will cost $1229. The other one is 5802 which will cost $1319. But both of the variants are cheaper than 30 carbines.

The recent price of a new 30 carbine is $1,434.90. Which is kind of expensive. And costs more than 110 bucks than the 5802 model of mini 14.

But it is understandable because 30 carbine has a cooler historical value.

Winner: For being cheaper mini 14 wins this segment.

So all these segments are basically the deciding points for buying your rifle. Now you need to decide which is more suitable for you.

Which One Is Best for You?

I have talked about all the aspects of both of these guns in detail. So I think by far you have got an idea of which one you should choose.

If you want to have a gun with good performance at an affordable price then go for a mini 14. It will also give you a good range of shooting.

But if you are a beginner or an intermediate shooter then 30 carbines will be perfect for you. It is a compact gun with a good weight for beginners. Don’t forget the historical value of this gun.

Don’t forget to take safety precautions before shooting. Let me suggest to you some stuff that will keep you safe while shooting. 

These protection tools will help you to save your ears and eyes while shooting. 


Is the Mini-14 the same as the M1 Carbine?

No, the mini 14 is not the same as the M1 carbine. The Mini-14 is chambered in. 223, whereas the M1 is in. 30 Carbine. Both rifles were also created by two very distinct American weapons geniuses, at least in part. And there are many other differences between them.

Is a Mini-14 more accurate than an ar15?

The AR-15 had some teething problems, but the Ruger Mini-14 had the same difficulty. However, most modern manufactured weapons are both quite dependable. A newly made Mini-14 is likely to be quite dependable, but an AR-15 is a crapshoot.

Is a Mini-14 worth the money?

The Ruger Mini-14 is a classic. It’s dependable, adaptable, very accurate, and has several fantastic features that set it distinct from a normal AR-15. While it may not be as inexpensive as AR, it is a reliable basis that you should consider purchasing.


I hope you have a clearer idea of mini 14 vs 30 carbine from this article. As they are better in different aspects I will recommend you to choose as per your preference.

If there are any more queries please drop them in the comment section.

Till then happy shooting.

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Eric James
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