5.11 Covrt 18 vs Rush 24: Which One Is Better Pick?

If you are looking for a tactical unity in your backpack? Then 5.11 covrt 18 and rust 24 should be common names for you. But there is a long dilemma about these two bags before picking anyone. 

So, 5.11 covrt 18 vs rush 24, which one would be the best pick for you?

5.11 covrt the weight capacity of 32 litres, on the other hand, rush 24 has 37 litres. Rust 24 is larger in size compared to 5.11 covert 18. Rust 24 has molle webbing and covert 18 doesn’t have that feature. Rust 24 has a padded laptop chamber whereas covrt 18 has the normal one.

That was the heads up of our overall discussion. We have a lot more to discuss in depth. And we will happily analyze every aspect for you. 

Excited? Let’s jump into the main discussion right away. 

5.11 covrt 18 vs rush 24: Key Differences

If you are already familiar with highly functional bags then you should know about covrt 18 and rush 24. They are super tactical and multi-functional backpacks.

Some people go for 5.11 covrt 18 is their first preference for their comparatively lightweight. 

On the other hand, some people just choose rush 24 for its higher capacity compared to 5.11 covrt 18. 

In some cases, people are concerned about the padded laptop chamber hence they choose rush 24.

On contrary, some people look for quick access in their backpack and they just pick covrt 18.

If you look deep, you would find some dissimilarities between 5.11 covrt 18 vs rush 24. Let us know the heads up before the detailed discussion.

Factors5.11 Covrt 18Rush 24
Material500D nylon/840D nylon1050D nylon
Size19” x 10.5” x 6.5”20” x 12.5” x 10”
Capacity32 litres37 litres
MOLLE Webbing This backpack doesn’t have molle webbing.This backpack has external molle webbing.
CCQ CompartmentNormal CCQ compartment.Hidden CCQ compartment with loop panel.
Weight1.2 kgs1.745 kgs
Quick AccessYesNo 
Laptop CompartmentNormal Laptop CompartmentPadded laptop sleeve.
Shove-It compartmentYesNo
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

So could you decide which one are you gonna take after analyzing the table?

5.11 covrt 18 vs rush 24: Detailed Comparision

It is quite obvious to make a decision out of the heads up only. And if you haven’t come to a conclusion yet that absolutely alright. In this section, we are going to cover every aspect of the differences in detail. 

Both 5.11 covrt 18 and rush 24 are very tactical and well known as backpacks. And that’s what makes the pick more difficult. 

However, we will discuss each and every different so that you can make the right choice.


5.11 covrt 18 is made of 500D or 840D nylon. Which is a great material for tactical backpacks. On the other hand, rush 24 is made of 1050D nylon.

Which is again a strong fibre. Since both of them are quite similar in material, you can choose either of them.

Winner: The winner will be depending on the user’s preference. 


Size is a vital issue for any backpack. Rush 24 is bigger in size compared to 5.11 covrt 18. The ideal size of covrt 18 is 19” x 10.5” x 6.5”.

And the size of rush 24 is 20” x 12.5” x 10”. Which is bigger than covrt 18.

Winner: the clear winner is rush 24.


Capacity is another vital point for any backpack. covrt 18 has the capacity of 32 litres. On the contrary, the rush 24 has 37 litres capacity. 

Winner: the clear winner is rush 24.

Molle Webbing

Molle is load-carrying equipment that is a concern for tactical bags. 5.11 covrt 18 technically does not have a molle webbing feature. On the other hand rush 24 has this feature in it. 

Winner: rush 24 is the winner here. 

CCQ Compartment

CCQ compartment has a great influence on tactical backpack users. 5.11 covrt 18 has a hidden ccq compartment for the users. It also has dual access in it.

On the contrary, the rush 24 has a normal ccq compartment without any hidden features.

Winner: 5.11 covrt 18 is the winner for this aspect. 


If your backpack itself is heavy then that would be trouble for you. Here, 5.11 covrt 18 has a weight of 1.2 kgs. And the rush 24 has a weight of around 1.744 kgs.

No wonder rush 24 would be havier with things in it.

Winner: definitely the winner is 5.11 covrt 18. 

Laptop Compartment

Laptop compartments are important in today’s life, right? The rush 24 has a proper padded laptop sleeve. So your laptop is safe in it. 

On the other hand, 5.11 covrt 18 has a normal laptop chamber. 

Winner: obviously the winner is rush 24 here.

Price Point

Price point is sometimes the main concern for the users for choosing the right backpack. And the best thing is both the backpacks come in a similar price range. The price range for both is around $110-$112.50. 

So now you can make your pick according to the features you want. 

Winner: Neither of them is the winning here.

Final Verdict

So, could you decide which one you want to pick for yourself? not yet? No worries, we will summarise every aspect for you one more time.

If you are looking for a bigger bag then you can choose rush 24 over 5.11 covert 18. 

If you are more concerned about your backpack capacity, then rush 24 is a better choice. As rush 24 is 37 litres and covert 18 is 32 litres. 

If you are looking for a light-weighted backpack, then 5.11 covert 18 is the backpack for you. If you aspiring to have molle webbing in your backpack, then rush 24 is what you need to have. 

Finally, if you are worried about the price then you are flexible to go for any one of them. Because both of them are almost the same in price. 


How rush 24 bags is?

Rush 24 bag has a total of seven compartments. It is around 20 inches tall. In width, it is around 12.5 inches. There is a hydration pocket in it which is around 17 inches long and 12.5 inches in width. Along with all these, there are several other smaller chambers, for organizing stuff.

What is the building purpose of  5.11 covert 18?

5.11 Covrt 18 is a big size backpack with a lot of tactical features. It has the option of a CCW compartment, laptop compartment, and quick access feature. It also has a hidden pistol pocket. The best part of this bag is, that it has a shove-lt compartment for users’ convenience. 

What makes a backpack tactical?

Tactical bags are basically military-friendly bags with a lot of useful features. It has features like molle webbing, compatibility with a hydration pack, ammunition pouches, and many more. It even contains hidden compartments too for weapons. There are many pockets in it for better organization. 


That was everything from our end regarding 5.11 covrt 18 vs rush 24. Hope we could help you through our whole comparison-based discussion. 

Tactical bags are always a great choice if you can utilize them accordingly. 

See you in no time with something more interesting. Till then stay healthy!

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Eric James
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