Leatherman Brewzer vs Gerber Shard: Which One is Right?

Single piece multi-tools are becoming so popular and their demand is increasing day by day. Among all the single-piece multi-tools, Garber Shard and Leatherman Brewzer have got the better reviews from the users. 

But which one is the best between them? Well, their differences can help you to choose the best among them.

What are the differences between leatherman brewzer vs gerber shard?

There are about a few features that differentiate between them. For example, price, the number of functions, size, the usefulness of the box cutter, bottle opener, which will open the bottle in a better way, best for pocket carry, etc. All these differences can help a buyer before choosing one of them.

Wait! There’s much more for you to know about them. So, without wasting any time, let’s unravel their differences from the article.

Leatherman Brewzer vs Gerber Shard: 5 Key Differences

What’s better Gerber or leatherman one? What is the difference between a leatherman brewzer and a gerber shard? Are they the same? How can you know which to choose between them?

Actually, there are many dissimilarities between them. If you know about them, then it can really help you to decide.

You can also find a lot of dissimilarities between leatherman vs gerber vs sog. But in this article, you’ll know about the differences between gerber shard and leatherman brewzer.

Take a quick look at the basic differences between them from the table below.

FeaturesLeatherman BrewzerGerber Shard
Size More compact and light-weightedLess compact which makes it heavier
Pry barLess Useful  Useful for many things
Box CutterBetter for cutting follow-throughBetter for making the initial cut easier
Bottle OpenerBest in useUseful but not so good
Number of FunctionsOnly 27
Pocket Carry More usefulSharp Edges can cause some problems
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Won’t it be more helpful for you if you get to know them in detail? No worries. We will provide you with the details too.

Leatherman Brewzer vs Gerber Shard: A Precise Comparison

Is Gerber better than Leatherman? We know, that basic differences are not helpful enough to decide efficiently. That’s why we have provided the details about all the features above that differentiate them.

So, let’s not waste any more time! Let’s get into the article to know them!

Feature 1: Size

Size is an important feature for every multi-tool.  If the size is not in favor of you, then you may not feel comfortable keeping it always with you.

Leatherman Brewzer

Leatherman Brewzer is like a key in size. Its dimensions are 5.5×4.6×0.25 inches. Its weight is 0.01kg which is about 0.022 lbs. So it’s not large in size and very much light weighted. So, it’s very compact too.                                                                                     

Gerber Shard

Now, let’s talk about the size and measurements of Gerber Shard. Its dimensions are 2.75×0.25×0.5 inches. And its weight is about 0.04 lbs. So, you can notice that Gerber Shard is thicker and heavier than Leatherman Brewzer.


Leatherman Brewzer is more compact and lightweight than Gerber Shard.

Feature 2: Pry bar

Pry bar is a small tool that is available also in some multi-tools to help in some works.

Leatherman Brewzer

Leatherman Brewzer has a pry bar which is very much useful for tiny and small things. You can also grip it in a very nice way for its shape. It may not help you with the large things too.

Gerber Shard

The pry bar of Gerber Shard is very much functional. You can turn it to any angle so that you can use it for various activities. 

Besides, it is very much larger and can help you in both small and larger things. It is forked too and that’s why you can use it for removing the hammer nails too.


The pry bar of Gerber Shard is more useful than Leatherman Brewzer.

Feature 3: Box Cutter

Box cutter is like a knife to cut things which is available in both Leatherman Brewzer and Gerber Shard.

Leatherman Brewzer

The box cutter of Leatherman Brewzer has a small hooked tip. It can give a smooth cut throughout all the time cutting anything. You can easily cut any box, cardboard, or package with this.

Gerber Shard

The box cutter of Gerber Shard is like a pointed cross driver. While starting the cut, can give you a smooth beginning. But you may not find it smooth throughout the time of cutting time.


The box cutter of Leatherman Brewzer is better than Gerber Shard.

Feature 4: Bottle Opener

Bottle opener can help you to open the bottles, cans, and whiskies without any hassle and pressure in a short time.

Leatherman Brewzer

Leatherman Brewzer is very much famous for its bottle opener. It’s one of the best bottle openers liked by people. Moreover, it can save and make you enjoy the whiskey moment of your parties by opening the bottles in a few seconds.

From Leatherman brewzer reviews, we have got to know that people love it a lot as a bottle opener.

Gerber Shard

Gerber shard also includes a bottle opener. It’s also very much useful and handy but you may find it sometimes hard to use it as a bottle opener.


Leatherman Brewzer provides you with a better bottle opener than Gerber Shard.

Feature 5: Price

Price is a very important feature for everyone before buying anything else. The prices are not the same too.

Leatherman Brewzer

The price of Leatherman Brewzer is not too much. People can buy it for themselves. It can cost you about $5. As a single-piece multi-tool, its price is not too much.

Gerber Shard

Gerber shard has more function than Leatherman Brewzer. That’s why it will cost you more than the Leatherman Brewzer.

If you want to buy a Gerber Shard, it will cost you about $7.11 which is more than Leatherman Brewzer.


A Leatherman Brewzer is less expensive than a Gerber Shard.

Overall Verdict

Is Leatherman the best multi-tool? Or is the Gerber Shard? Actually, both of them are handy and useful in different activities.

If you want something which can help you with many activities at any time but as a single-piece multi-tool. Then you can try to buy a Gerber Shard for yourself for its multifunctional features. It is more expensive than Leatherman Brewzer for its multifunctional features and corrosion resistance feature.

But if you don’t want something which is not friendly for pocket carry. But still, you also want something which helps you in small activities like opening bottles, cutting anything quickly and sometimes as a screwdriver too. Then you can buy a Leatherman Brewzer and it’s less expensive and more pocket friendly too.


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Why does a leatherman look reddish?

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What is the warranty of Gerber Shard?

You can get a limited lifetime warranty with Garber shard. A limited lifetime warranty means that it is a warranty that does not include manufacturer-related problems. It does not give you a warranty for normal tear and wear, installation, and any kind of use for vehicle and salvaged parts.


We hope that you know now how to differentiate between leatherman brewzer vs gerber shard. Choose according to the differences in their features and your needs.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed our article. If you wanna know anything, you can ask us directly in the comment box.

Best wishes!

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