Leatherman Micra vs Victorinox Classic: Which is Best?

For the usefulness of a multi-tool, it has become quite popular among people. They are using it for different activities from their daily life to hiking and picnic.

But when we ask them to choose between Leatherman Micra and Victorinox Classic, they become quite confused. Are you among them too? Worry not! By knowing proper the dissimilarities between them, you can easily choose one.

Well, what are the differences between the leatherman micra vs victorinox classic?

There are a few major differences between them. For example, in their prices, friendly for pocket carry, the number of functions, scissors, knives, tweezers, etc. All these differences can play a great role when choosing between one of them. Both are useful but the choice depends on your need.

Wait, there’s many more to know. You can know about those features in detail by reading the whole article. So, keep on reading!

Leatherman Micra vs Victorinox Classic: 6 Key Differences

Which is better leatherman or victorinox? Wanna know their differences? Well, by knowing their differences you can easily judge them.

But knowing only leatherman vs victorinox is not enough. You should also know what your needs are. Because your needs are the most important thing before choosing anything.

Sometimes, people also compare leatherman micra vs swiss army knife and swiss army knife vs victorinox. But in this article, you will get to know the differences between leatherman micra and Victorinox classic.

Let’s have a quick look at their basic differences to have some idea.

FeaturesLeatherman MicraVictorinox Classic
Price$65 to $70 (Check on Amazon)$19 to $30 (Check on Amazon)
Number of Functions107
Pocket CarryLess Useful for its larger size and weight More useful for its small size and weight
ScissorLarger and BetterSmaller and Less Useful
KnifeMore sturdyLess sturdy
TweezerClumsy and Less UsefulBetter and Less Useful

Knowing only the basic differences is never enough for a buyer. Let us go through the article to know them in detail.

Leatherman Micra vs Victorinox Classic: A Comprehensive Comparison

Here we have provided a detailed guideline on the features that differentiate leatherman micra vs victorinox. From these details, you can choose easily according to your need.

So, let us start!

Feature 1: Price

Price is an important feature before buying anything. So you should have some idea about the prices of the products you are buying.

Leatherman Micra

This product is expensive. Leatherman micra best price is $65 to $70. You can get different colors of them. If you want you can also customize them. But it will cost you more.

Victorinox Classic

Victorinox Classic is not costly as a multi-tool. You can buy this multi-tool for only $19. It is the starting range. You can customize it too. But you will have to pay more for it.


The cost of Leatherman Micra is about four times larger than Victorinox Classic.

Feature 2: Pocket Carry

People like to use a multi-tool so that they can take them anywhere without any hassle. If the multi-tools are friendly for carrying in the pockets, then they are preferable.

Leatherman Micra

Let’s first know the dimensions of it. The dimensions are 2.5 x0.5 x0.8 inches. As you can see, the Leatherman Micra is not very flat. 

And it is about 0.11 pounds which is quite heavy for carrying with keys.

So considering all these facts we can say that it is not so good for pocket carry.

Victorinox Classic

The dimensions of Victorinox Classic are 2.28 x 0.71 x 0.35 inches. It is flatter than the Leatherman Micra.

Now let’s know about its weight. Victorinox Classic weighs about 0.04 pounds which is about 3 times less than Leatherman Micra. 

So you can notice that Victorinox Classic has all the features of a perfect pocket carry product.


Victorinox Classic is more reliable for pocket carry than Leatherman Micra.

Feature 3: Scissors

Both of the multi-tool include scissors with them. So you can try to compare them and which one contains the best scissor.

Leatherman Micra

The scissor of the Leatherman Micra is large in size and sharp too. You can cut paper, cardboard, packages, and ropes with them. 

It is also strong and has a good grip. That’s why you can find it comfortable while cutting anything.

Victorinox Classic

The scissor of this victorinox multi-tool is not large in size. You can consider it as small scissors. That’s why it is not considered threatening to many places.

It is not very strong and you can cut things like paper with this. It is not good for hard things like cardboard. You can also cut your nails with these scissors. But still, you can try to use them in emergencies.


The scissor of Leatherman Micra is larger and more useful than Victorinox Classic.

Feature 4: Knives

Both of the tools include knives with them. There are some differences between their knives.

Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra provides you with sharper and sturdier knives. They are also good at their looks. Their sharpness stays for a longer time.

After some time you can sharpen it again and use it again. But you should always make it stay away from water and relubricate it by maintaining a schedule.

Victorinox Classic

Victorinox Classic has a small blade that can work as a knife. This is not so sturdy, strong, and sharp. And its look is not good either.


The knife of Leatherman Micra is more sturdy and stays sharp longer than Victorinox Classic.

Feature 6: Tweezers

If you compare victorinox vs leatherman quality, then you should also compare their tweezers.

Leatherman Micra

The tweezers of the Leatherman Micra are kind of clumsy. They are straight in size. That’s why when you try to remove the ticks, ticks become squeezed. The handling is not good either.

Victorinox Classic

The tweezer of Victorinox Classic is independent and it has a curvy taper. That’s why you can use them easily to pull the ticks and remove splinters. And you will find it easier to handle.


Victorinox Classic has a better and more useful tweezer than Leatherman Micra.

Ultimate Verdict

First, you should think about your budget. If your budget is not a problem here, then you should think about what kind of features you need and why you need them.

Leatherman Micra has more features and tools and it is costly too. The tools are quite stronger and larger too. 

That’s why they will be appropriate for your hiking and strong and hard, strong work. You can also choose it for your everyday life if its weight is not a problem for you.

Victorinox Classic is not costly at all. It provides you with fewer tools than Leatherman Micra. 

But all of its tools are quite handy for your everyday life emergencies. You can choose who wants a multi-tool for not so many activities, only for emergency and daily works.

And they are good to carry in your pockets without any hassle. So if you are one of those who don’t like heavy things in their pockets, then you can choose this. 


Are Victorinox blades made in the USA?

No, Victorinox blades are not made in the USA. The company manufactures it in its own company in the Ibach which is in Switzerland. There is also another new distribution center opened in 2018 in the Seewen which is also in Switzerland. But it does not manufacture any blades there.

Which Leatherman tool is the most expensive one?

Leatherman Free P4 is the most expensive multitool of leathermen until now. It can cost you about $140 and it has about 21 functional tools and all of these tools are useful. It is also the largest one of the Free lines up. Though it has a lot of tools looking at its size you can’t guess the number.

What is the full form of PST?

PST is Pocket Survival Tool. It was invented by Tim Leatherman. It is also the first tool of the Leatherman. Tim leatherman is also the owner of the leatherman company. The name came from the owner of the company. Since that time they are manufacturing their tools in Portland, Oregon. 


We are hopeful that you know now how to differentiate between leatherman micra vs victorinox classic. Choose according to the varieties in their features and also your needs.

That’s all. Hope you have enjoyed our article. If you wanna know anything, you can ask us directly in the comment box.

Best wishes!

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