How to Conceal A Baton?: [Details Explained]

When you are entering a club with your baton to avoid a club fight. But the security stops you there. And you might be wondering what to do now.

So, how to conceal a baton?

Concealing a baton can be an easy task for you. But also it can be a little tricky. You can conceal it under an untucked shirt. Or you can use a belly band. Or carrying a baton in the pocket can also be useful. Also, you can use an expandable baton that is easy to carry.  Also, you can use bags for carrying a baton.

You must be still dizzy about this matter. Don’t worry this article will clear your head out. Here’s some detailed discussion about how to conceal a baton. 

But first, you need to know if it’s illegal. 

Are Batons Legal?

Yes, in a word. Batons are not specifically mentioned in the Oregon Revised Statutes. It is illegal to buy, possess, or publicly carry a baton.

Carrying them covertly, on the other hand, is almost certainly unlawful (see below). It’s also against the law to bring them into areas where arms are banned.

Possessing or publicly carrying a collapsible baton may also be legal. Using one in an illegal manner, as defined by ORS 166.220 “Unlawful Use of Weapon.”

Alternatively, unlawfully intimidating somebody with a baton. It could be a breach of Oregon Revised Statutes 163.190 “Menacing.”

Batons that are inflatable or collapsible are a quasi-option to guns. They can be beneficial when hiking in places where dangerous creatures may be present.

They could also be used to keep fighting dogs apart or to keep dogs from attacking each other. Most importantly, they can be utilized in self-defense scenarios against violent intruders.

How to Conceal A Baton? -7 Easy Steps

Self-defence can be aided by carrying a baton. It’s also quite simple to keep going. Here are several suggestions about how to carry a baton.

Technique 01:Concealing Under the Shirt

You may simply perform the feat if you have got a shorter baton. The baton can be hidden beneath an untucked shirt. It won’t be apparent, either.

You can conceal the baton with a bag on your belt. It will be simpler to hide.

If you don’t like untucked shirts, though, it may be a problem for you. When you always tuck your shirt, you won’t be able to follow this treatment.

If you prefer t-shirts, though, this solution is for you. Here are some alternative options to consider.

Technique 02: Using a Belly Band

A belly band can simply be used to conceal a baton. It may be the most straightforward method for you to try.

On this material, you might sew a vertical elastic loop. And lay the baton across your tailbone horizontally. Another alternative is to stitch a bag on the front of the belly belt for vertical baton carrying.

Technique 03: Carrying It In Your Back Pocket

Many batons will fit comfortably in the pocket. Only about a quarter of an inch is showing, which isn’t too horrible. Depending on the folded length, a font or cargo pocket could be used.

It can be stowed in the back pocket. If you have a little baton, it will fit perfectly. Only a small portion of the flashlight is visible, and if somebody inquires, you may simply explain it’s a flashlight.

You might wish to keep the baton upright and to the side (outside of the pocket closer to the hip). For reasons of both comfort and accessibility.

Duct tape can be used to make a simple pocket holster. It’ll all work out in the end.

Technique 04: Using Shoulder Holsters

You may have noticed some police officers with batons slung over their shoulders. Along with other items such as a cuff and a radio.

You may find the entire kit to be daunting. However, if you merely want to conceal your baton, you can acquire a shoulder holster.

But keep in mind that it must be in the opposite hand from your main striking hand. And it would be stackable as a result. Here are some other options to consider.

Technique 05: Sewing A Concealex Scabbard Into The Coat’s Liner

You can conceal your baton with a concealer scabbard sewed inside the coat’s liner. If you have a larger baton, such as a 2-foot baton, you can use this method. These larger batons can also be concealed.

If you’re a suit wearer. If you frequently wear a suit, you can use this strategy to hide your baton. You can also try some of the other techniques listed below.

Technique 06: Making Use of a Backpack

Manufacturers of weapons make backpacks accessible. The panel is held with velcro and contains a storage pocket in the bottom.

Allowing for instant access. For your baton, something similar might be available. You can get a bag and carry your baton over your back.

Technique 07: Using a Different Baton

If concealing a conventional long baton is too tough for you. Then you can utilize some of the other batons that are similar and easier to hide and carry.

Some of the expanding batons are available for trial. You may easily carry these anywhere that is legal with a holster. If you get a smaller baton, such as a 16-inch expandable baton, you will save money.

Then you can fully self themselves wherever you go, such as to a party. No one will notice if you keep it in your rare pocket.

There are a plethora of expandable baton alternatives available on the market. Purchases of lower-quality basins should be avoided. They’re a little less costly.

However, they frequently have problems with the releasing switch. And if your baton doesn’t open in a crisis, it might be perilous for you.

How to Use a Baton?

If you don’t know how to correctly use a baton. Your baton can thus be used against you in an emergency.

Obviously, you do not want it to happen. So, before you use a baton, keep the following points in mind.

  • Always hold a baton with your thumb on the side and your fingers closed. Then spin over such that your arms are moving from shoulder to hips.
  • Swing the baton and walk forward with your left foot at all times. You should also stretch your arm out at the same moment. Swing the baton in the direction of your body.
  • Keep your arm close to your body at all times. Swing the baton with your thumb tucked inside.


Is it possible for a police baton to break bones?

If you’re hit, the impact will almost certainly be terrible enough to render you temporarily incapacitated. Fractures do happen, and they are frequently caused by self-defense.

Is it possible to use collapsible batons?

When it comes to defending yourself in arms combat, a steel baton is a highly powerful weapon. With or without training, anybody can use a baton to cause a lot of damage to an adversary with a little quantity of effort.

What is the purpose of a spring-loaded baton?

The Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton is a trigger-activated automated baton that grows from 9 1/2″ to 20 1/2″

Bottom Line

Thanks for tagging me till the end. Hope now you know how to conceal a baton

Baton should always be used for self-defense baton only. And you should always be bound by the law.

Best of luck.

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