How to Keep Keys from Jingling on Lanyard?

I know it keeps getting worse when you try to focus on driving but the key sound keeps poking at your brain. It not only makes you distracted but also very irritating at the same time.

How do you keep keys from jingling on a lanyard?

There are multiple solutions to avoid this annoying sound. One of them is key silencers. The rubber band also works fine. A padded holster or replacement of a silicon keyholder can also be very helpful. There are also multiple DIY options like foam cards, small key covers, or paracord key organizers. These are super cheap and easy to make.

To avoid this irritating jingling sound on the lanyard, keep reading to solve this issue.

What are the Ways to Keep Keys from Jingling on the Lanyard?

Well, you might think this is a tough situation to handle. But let me tell you the good news. The following options are super easy and some are super cheap. So you can choose as per your convenience.

Key silencers

Do you know what a key silencer does? It helps to put your keys organized and jingling free.

There are high-quality leather key silencers available in the market. A leather key silencer works best and also looks classy and neat. This way you don’t have to worry about the annoying noise. 

And you can keep your keys from jingling on a lanyard. The key silencer looks like a blanket on the keys and it holds the keys perfectly.

Rubber Band

Keys jingle jangle while you walk? This is the easiest and quickest solution if you just on spot find out the jiggling sound is annoying. Put a rubber band like a knot on the key bundle and twist it two times. It will place like a bundle and won’t make any sound. 

A Padded Holster

You can keep your job keys on your belt, but tying them to a hook or a beltloop causes a lot of noise while walking. If you don’t like the sound of your keys jingling as you walk, don’t keep them attached to your hip.

Put your keys in a second belt holster instead. Keys may be damaged by moving about too much. So make sure you choose a holster that’s well-padded so they don’t touch each other or the sides of the holster pocket.

Replacement Silicone Keychains

What if you need to have a big number of keys close to hand? Make it stop jingling at any costs! Make use of silicon keychains.

Unlike neoprene, silicone is a trendy new heat-resistant, cut-resistant material. Silicone has made its way into everything from kitchen utensils to potholders to keychains.

In addition to reducing clatter, a silicone keychain between each key. It will help you easily recognize which one you’re going to pick up.

Foam ID Card Made from Scratch

Craft foam may be shaped by cutting it with a pair of scissors. Each component should have a hole cut in the top. Then,  insert a piece of foam between each key. To prevent keys from creating jingling noises, construct a component in the form of an ID card.

Thick DIY small Cover for the Lanyard

Select a thick cover and cut it into a smaller size. Sew it like a small pocket and keep it open on one side to insert the keys. While walking or running, you can just put the cover to hold all the keys steadily. It won’t make any jingling noise on the lanyard.

As you know this is a DIY trick, you can save some bucks and make various colors to match your outfit.

Small Magnet Piece

How do I stop my keys from rattling? All Magnet does is stop your keys from buzzing. It includes a lanyard and a set of magnets with a thickness of 1 mm (0.039 in).

It is available in both positive and negative polarities. In order to use it, you hook the adhesive side of a positive magnetic to one of the key’s bows and a negative magnet to its other.

In this way, good energy attracts negative energy, and a few keys combine to form one solid block of jangle-free pleasure.

To open a door, all that is required is for the correct key to be removed from the lock and connected.

DIY Paracord Key Organizer

How do you put keys on a lanyard? You can make an improved paracord key organizer avoid jingling sounds.

You need-

  • 5.5ft midnight blue 550 paracords
  • 11.5 inches gold paracord 
  • 1-inch Chicago screw
  • Jet Lighter

That’s all. Now, let’s get into the step-by-step process.

Step 1

Clip off both ends of the paracord so they are frayed because you need to melt them. So do that really quick with a pair of scissors and from the end line. 

Step 2

You need to use a jet lighter and melt those ends to the point where they are molten. Before they cool off you need to join those ends together very carefully.

Don’t burn your fingers while doing it cause it will be hot and can harm your skin.  Join both ends so that it’s nicely fused. 

Step 3

Quickly roll it to make it smoother. Now you’ll see a closed-loop for the paracord key organizer. 

Step 4

look at the Chicago screw. It’s brass and it got a male and female end. Note the size that determines how many keys you can hold on the organizer. 

Step 5

Now you need a blue paracord and try to do some cobra knots around the core strand. 

Starting up at the very top you need the mid point behind the right strand to pass it over the two-strand core left over the top of that. Then take the right side and put it through the right crook there like so that’s the cobra knot. 

Step 6

Now you need to move that up to the very top of that loop take the female end of the screw and put it through that top loop. Push the cobra knot all the way to the top. And tie the cobra knot with a lanyard.

Now put all the keys into the end of the screw and stack them nicely.  

Step 7

Finally, add a hex nut at the end, closing the little gap perfectly. Now it won’t make any jingling sound and it will look more neat and steady.

This DIY paracord will save some bucks and it will also solve your problem.


Should I put my keys on a lanyard?

Lanyards and collar chains may be handy for carrying a few keys. The use of more than two keys, on the other hand, may necessitate listening to them clinking together. For those who need to carry a large number of keys, it’s best to use another method.

Where do burglars look for keys?

Another typical hiding place for keys is on the sill of the front door. Intruders will have an easier time getting in this way. Porch lights offer several nooks and crannies in which a key might be safely stored. At least some burglars will know to search in those places, too. They also check their email.

Why do people put keys on lanyards?

Lanyards are worn around the neck to make ID badges easily accessible. A lanyard keeps goods near and prevents the wearer from losing them.

Bottom Line

I hope, you get to find all the solutions on how to keep keys from jingling on lanyard.

I have mentioned both cheaper or purchased options for you. You can choose whatever you like.

Good Luck!

Eric James
Eric James
Eric James

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