How to Keep Stuff From Falling Out of Your Pocket?

It is very common for people to keep stuff like keys, wallets, and phones in their pockets. And when you have a loose pocket sometimes the stuff easily falls from your pocket. We know it hurts when you lose something valuable. 

So, how to keep stuff from falling out of your pocket?

You can use various techniques to tackle this situation. For example, you can keep your wallet in the front pocket of your pants rather than your back pocket. If your phone’s slick you can use a rubbery cover for it. Use a larger key ring. 

These are some short techniques you can use to avoid your stuff from falling. To know in-depth read the article. 

Reasons Why Items Might Fall Out of Pockets

There are many factors because you can lose your stuff. We have tried to mention the factors that are responsible for falling stuff. 

Pockets Aren’t Deep Enough

The main reason your stuff will fall from your pocket is that your pocket is not deep enough. Sometimes the front pocket is cut too deeply. This means the opening is cut too low on the outside. It is towards the person’s hip.

You shouldn’t wear baggy pants when you are going out for a program or event. 

Keeping Wallet In Back Pocket

Another reason for falling stuff from your pocket is keeping your wallet in your back pocket. When you keep it in your back pocket and sit somewhere it gradually goes up.

And finally, it can fall down from your pocket. When you try to bring money to your cab driver you notice you don’t have a wallet.

If you don’t want to face a situation like this you should keep your wallet in the front left pocket. In that case, you will notice quickly even if the wallet falls from your pocket.

Also, it is an easy target for pickpockets to steal your wallet. The temptation they feel is unimaginable. They just need to touch it two times.

The wallet would be in their hand. Once they push it up and then one to switch it away. As it will not create any pressure you won’t even notice.

You can try it with your friends. And check if they notice!

Keeping Key Without Key Ring

Some people use keys without a key ring. That is a reason they lose their keys frequently. So if you don’t want to lose your key, buy a key ring.

It is not that costly. And trust me it will save you from hassle.

Try to use a bigger size key ring. In that case, you will feel it when you have it in your pocket. Hopefully, you won’t lose your keys anymore. 

Wearing Baggy Clothes

Baggy pants pockets are usually larger than other pants. So when you wear baggy pants the chances of stuff falling out of your pocket increases.

We all know it’s very comfortable to wear baggy pants but try to put less stuff in your pocket. You can use a handbag for carrying stuff when you wear baggy pants.

By doing this chances of your stuff falling will be less.

How to Keep Stuff From Falling Out of Your Pocket?

By now, you know all the possible reasons that might be why stuffs are falling out of your pocket. Now let’s get to know how to stop them from falling!

Make Pockets According to Your Need

You know best what stuff you carry on a regular basis. So make your shirt or pant pockets according to that. Make a list of which stuff you will put in which pocket. 

Carry A Little Handbag

It’s always a good idea to carry a handbag for important documents like your office or student id, or passport.  We know that it’s a bit of a pain to carry an extra bag but it’s better than losing things. 

Check Your Pocket Frequently

When you are in a public place. For example on a bus or train check your pocket frequently. In that case, you will even notice something fall from your pocket quickly. 

How to Make Your Phone Stay In Your Pocket?

When you buy a new phone it is obvious you would be concerned about keeping it safe. Who wants to lose his/her phone?

Here we are sharing some tips which will help you to keep your phone where it belongs. Of course, it belongs in your pocket.

The first thing you can do is get a rubbery cover for your phone. It will stop your phone from falling. Also, the phone cover protects your phone from scratch.

So you are getting double benefits here. Phone covers are not that costly. You can get a cover for only 5 dollars on amazon.

Secondly, you can use pants or trousers with a zipper pocket. In that, you can stay tension free. There is no chance your phone can fall unless there is a hole in your pocket.

When you wear zipper pants you can even run without the fear of losing your stuff. 

How Can I Make My Pocket More Secure?

When you travel you carry many important documents with you. These include passports, wallets, phones, tissue, and other documents. It is very obvious that you would never want to lose them.

For this reason, you can make a safe pocket in your pants. That will also help you from pickpockets.

First, you need to make this pocket. It is very easy to do. It is going to be a pocket that fits inside your clothes.

You need to turn the garments inside out. Then place a piece of material. Behind the existing hip pocket.

After that, you need to trace the outline of the pocket. Then sew the new pocket over the existing hip pocket.

You can fold the edge of the new pocket before attaching it. That will prevent it from fraying. Don’t sew too much.

Make sure you didn’t keep much space from where anything can fall.


How to Keep Keys From Falling Out of Pocket?

To stop keys from falling out of your pocket you can buy a metal key ring. You need to attach the key ring to your belt. When you don’t use a belt try to wear pants with a zipper. 

Best Non Slip Wallets?

Non-slip wallets can be a life saver for you. Here are some non-slip wallets you can check out – slimfold micro tyvek wallets are a simple solution for you if you prefer small wallets. Don’t forget to keep your wallet in your front pocket. 

Why Are Minimalist Wallets Better?

It depends on the choice of people. These wallets are easy to use and it feels good to grab them. This is the main reason people love them. You can keep both money and cards in your minimal wallet.  


We have discussed all the reasons why your stuff falls from your pocket. Being a little bit careful can solve your problem. Hopefully, now you know how to keep stuff from falling out of your pocket?

You need to focus on the pocket of your pants. It’s better to make pants according to your needs rather than buying them. For valuable stuff like passports and other documents, keep a handbag. 

That’s all!

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