How to Install Sling on Ruger AR 556 [4 Step Expert Guideline]

Ruger AR 556 is an upgraded and modern rifle. It has become quite popular for its special and amazing features. That’s why people are using this a lot.

While using this, you can encounter a thing you called a “sling”. Sling is necessary to hold the rifle and make it easier to target. You need to install the sling on the rifle.

Do you know how to install sling on ruger ar 556?

Well, in order to install the sling on it you will have to go through 4 steps. They are recognizing the basic parts, choosing the perfect connector, mounting the sling, adjusting the strap, etc. There are 3 basic parts. Mounting and connectors can depend on the type of sling you will use.

Wait, that’s just an overview of the article. There are many more things to know for you. To know them, keep on reading.

It’s time to make a start!

4 Easy Steps to Install Sling on Ruger AR 556

Sling is very important for Ruger AR 556. That’s why you should use the best sling for ruger ar 556.

But do you know how many slings there are? There are three types of sling. Single point sling, 2 point sling, 3 point sling.

When you want a fast and rapid response, you should use a single-point sling. And while you want free hands, comfortably hold the rifle. Also, have good control, then you should use a 2 or 3-point sling.

The installation process is a bit different for these three types. Don’t worry, we will tell you about three of them in detail.

Let us find out the steps of how to put sling on ruger ar 556!

Step 1: Recognize the Basic Parts

Before installing sling on ruger ar 556, you should have some knowledge about the basic parts or basic things for installation of the sling. 

Without knowing which one is necessary and the purpose of that part you can’t continue your installation process appropriately. That’s why let us first tell you about the basic parts.

The first and most important basic part of the sling installation is the strap of the sling. The strap of the sling is very helpful to hang your rifle around your body. They are of leather or nylon material.

The next most important basic part of the installation of the sling is the connector. The connector is actually attachment hardware. It connects the strap with the mount of the rifle.

Do you know what the amount is? Let us tell you. It is the third core part of the installation procedure. 

Mount is not any hardware or not any kind of material. It is actually a position or part of the rifle where you will attach the connector.

Now you know all the basic parts of the installation. Now let us take a look at some connectors.

Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Connector

Now you know what a connector is and what its job is. So, now you can realize that a connector is very important for the installation process of the sling.

A perfect connector can make your rifle less weighted and can make your shoot perfect too. So you should always choose the perfect attachment hardware.

That’s why you should know about them in detail. Let us know about them.


Clip is that connector that helps you to remove the strap in the easiest and quickest way. You can use clips for the purpose of quick detaching. It makes the mounting easier. A clip is nothing but a hook made of plastic or metal.

QD Connector

Here QD means quick detaching. You can guess it from the name that you can use it for quick detaching. There is a button on the connector. If you press the button you can easily detach the connector.

You can use this connector in more than one rifle by detaching it. You should buy a high-quality QD for better results. Ruger AR 556 has a built-in QD.

Built-in Loop

There can be two kinds of loops that you can find attached to the rifle. They are already present in the rifle. And you don’t need to do anything to attach it. They are parts of the rifle. You can use these parts for mounting directly. You will not need separate connectors. Because they work as a connector.

One is the Fixed loop. You can use this to attach the strap. You can also use this part as the rear point of the 2 point sling for ruger ar 556.

Another one is the swivel loop. It is a kind of ring. It connects the mounting studs. Some of the studs are rotatable too.

Step 3: Mounting the Sling

It is the most important step for the installation of the sling. Because it depends on the type of sling you would want.

In this step, you will attach the hardware with the rifle in the correct position, called ‘mount’. Here we have tried to make it simple to make you learn this process easily.

Let us tell you now how to mount a sling on a ruger ar 556.

Single Point Sling

There is only one mounting position for a single point sling. For this, you shouldn’t mount it too forward or too rearward. Because it can cause the weight distribution of the rifle unevenly.

You can mount the single point sling either in the buffer tube which is above the pistol grip or in the rail which is behind the pistol grip. Both of them have different advantages. 

If you mount it in the buffer tube, it will not let the sling come in your way. One more advantage is that it can distribute the weight in a proper way.

The advantage of mounting on the top rail is that you can relocate or remove it whenever you will need it. You can also install it easily.

Two Point Sling

Two-point sling needs two positions for mounting the sling. The names of the points are rear point and front point.

The rear point can be a buffer tube, top rail, stock, etc. And the front point can be in the quad rail which is forward of the receiver and also in any position like the bottom rails in the handguard.

These positions will be best for you if you choose to keep the sling close to the receiver.

Three-Point Sling

Three-point sling needs three points or positions for mounting. You can use the connector of the front point as the third one. You can also use a clip or QD for mounting the third point.

Step 4: Adjustment of the Sling

This is the last step for ruger ar 556 sling attachment. In this step, you have nothing to do special. You will have to only adjust the strap according to your comfortability and your choice. And now the installation of the sling on Ruger ar-556 is complete.

That’s all. Now you have learned all the methods of how to attach sling to ruger ar 556. Read all the steps and follow our expert guidelines carefully.


Do all mavericks have sling mounts?

The newer maverick like maverick 88 has sling mounts. It helps to install and fit those slings perfectly with it.

What should be the length of the sling of a rifle?

It depends on how you carry it and its purpose of it. Normally the length varies from 36” to 55”. For hunting, 36” is the perfect measure.

Can I install a quad rail if I use a Ruger AR556?

Yes, it is possible to install a quad rail on the Ruger AR556. The installation process is not tough and you can do it within 10 minutes too. 

Bottom line

Hopefully, now you know all the ways how to install sling on ruger ar 556 in simple ways for every kind of situation. Follow the ways we have explained to you.

It’s time to say goodbye to you. Worry not. We’ll always be there to help you. You’ll just need to share your problems in the comment section.

Until then, enjoy your day!

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