How to Identify Surefire Flashlight: 7 Facts to Consider!

I know purchasing a surefire flashlight can be deceiving. You know all the popular items can be made fake for the mass market to scam people.

Now, you sure wanna know how to identify surefire flashlight?

Though there are multiple factors to consider. But, the first one should be the battery compartment. Beam intensity is also one of the main key factors you can’t avoid. The surefire flashlight is mainly popular for its waterproof feature. Its handy size and powerful lens can make a difference between the original and the replica one.

Here, I have discussed all the factors you can check before purchasing the original one. Go through the details to spot the fake one.

Ways to Find Out the Surefire FlashLight: 7 Facts to Consider!

When it comes to lighting, many people believe that anything that creates a beam of light will suffice. Investing in a high-quality flashlight is a wise decision.

Saving money by not having to purchase inexpensive flashlights on a regular basis is one benefit. When you need it most, a reliable flashlight proves its worth.

There are thousands of fake surefire flashlights available online. I know, you can be one of the victims who already purchased the fake one.

Before you get confused, there are multiple series of surefire flashlights. So, you must notify the surefire serial number check for assurance.

Such as surefire m600, G2 LED, G2Z COMBAT LIGHT, KROMA, L2 LUMAMAX, L4 LUMAMAX, L5 LUMAMAX, M2 CENTURION, SCOUT LIGHT, SF223AC, U2 ULTRA, X300. Here are some keys to identifying the surefire flashlight. 

Battery Compartment

SureFire flashlights are known for their dependability since they employ 123A lithium-ion batteries in the majority of their models. It has a storage life of ten years and generates three volts per cell.

For a decade, 123A batteries hold their charge. Taking it out of a glove compartment or closet won’t result in it losing its usefulness due to corrosion or leakage within the flashlight.

The voltage of the battery contains 1300 mAh. And, the length is 2.67” and the diameter is .66”.  

Beam Intensity

You might think your Surefire flashlight not as bright as you expected. Well, here are some details to identify.

If you got one single-out LED battery in your flashlights, then you’ll get 200 Lumen output. And, the flashlight will run for 2 hours max.

However, the best feature of all is the outstanding luminance. A well-focused central beam aids in long-range vision. But some faint bleed at the beam’s periphery limits its usefulness for up-close work.

Among all the surefire flashlights, G2 LED contains the highest Lumens. It contains 600 Lumens and for longer battery life, it may be operated at 15 lumens.


If you bought a surefire light and it’s not waterproof, oh man! You got scammed. Surefire light’s one of the main qualities is this flashlight is waterproof to 33 feet/10 meters.


Among all the flashlights, surefire flashlights use lithium-ion batteries. They have the longest lifespan and don’t need to replace quite often. They also provide a USB port system to charge anywhere.

Light’s Features

The overall light output of this led is 1,000 lumens, making it rather bright. More than 11k candelas of power and a beam distance of more than 200 meters are found in its relatively tight location.

Considering how much power the Surefire consumes, you may wonder how long it can be left on. 1.25 hours is the estimated runtime for 10% of the original production level.

Handy Size

Springfield XD-M Elite, which is a full-sized handgun, won’t fit, but this Surefire flashlight body will fit magically. An anodized aircraft aluminum body with a 3.6-inch beam length should make this light long-lasting enough for military usage.

The Surefire seal prevents water from entering the light. It has an IPX7 rating, which indicates it can endure immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.


For close- to medium-range battles, it includes a unique Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that produces a smooth, far-reaching light with a bigger center spot beam.

The integrated ambidextrous momentary- and constant-on switching makes activation quick and simple. Picatinny and Universal accessory rails may both accommodate this light.

The following features will help you to identify a surefire flashlight and you won’t make any mistakes. 

Comparison between the Real Surefire Flashlight and the Fake One

The real one comes with a few extra mountings and the fake one has only one mounting piece. This comparison is needed because there’s a big use for this surefire flashlight market.

This is a special weapons light and there’s a good possibility that you might receive one of these fake ones.

First of all the cone of projection is a little bit tighter intense center than the real one. It bleeds off the further it goes out.  The fake one is a little bit smoother and not intended.

The real one comes with a box and over the box, all the details are written. The fake one comes with a plastic black box.

The real one says 350 lumens and the fake one claims 500 lumens. For the x400 model, the rotating bezel goes from off over here white light or over here to IR now.

In the real one, the bezel needs to pull out like a cap and the fake one needs to rotate continuously.

On the real one, you can see the LED through the glass and one LED exposed at a time. and in the fake one, you will see both LEDs at a time.

If it feels light and cheap then it’s fake. The real one feels heavy and builds with strong tank material.

Heads do not have the Surefire logo. There are no Surefire logos on the tail caps. Tailcaps do not have a pre-click activation function.

When contrasted to the other Z68 tail caps of surefire, the operation of the tailcap simply seems off/different.

There is no compatibility between the KM2-A head and these bodies or any other Surefire dual cell bodies. Unlike the genuine UE tail caps, the fake one has an orange o-ring inside.

Purchase the original surefire flashlights and choose whatever model works for you.

Though you might get confused about the pricing. But, the original one will give you the premium feelings and it’s super handy.


Are SureFire flashlights good?

Being small and lightweight, this gadget is ideal for carrying about with you all the time. The good light brightness and dependable tail switch are praised by the reviewers. Flashlights made by SureFire are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and very adaptable.

Is SureFire worth the money?

They’re well-made and long-lasting. The quality and service are definitely praise-worthy. However, the decision to pay a hefty premium for them is ultimately yours.

Is SureFire made in China?

Each and every SureFire equipment is made in the United States. It is made with only the best parts and materials. This is available from all around the globe.

Bottom Line

I hope you got the answers to how to identify surefire flashlight. 

Purchaing the real one is most important because this flashlight is mostly chosen for military uses. So, you can’t compromise with the quality.

Good Luck!

Eric James
Eric James
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