303 British vs 30-06 [Which One Is Better]

You know what is the most confusing decision if you are a shooter? It is when you have a beautiful rifle and you need to choose the perfect cartridges for it.

So, what are you choosing between 303 british vs 30-06?

Per round of .303 British will cost you $2.50 and .30-06 Springfield will cost $1.90. So, .30-06 is quite cheaper. 30-06 has a velocity of 890 m/s and .303 British has 844 m/s. .30-06 Springfield is more available. But .303 British damages more to the target because of its lower energy than 30-06.

So, let’s get into the article to find the perfect cartridge for you.

A Quick Comparison Between 303 British and 30-06

The 303 British and the 30-06 basically mean .303 British ammo and .30-06 Springfield ammo. Both of the ammo is very popular among shooters. They have some impressive aspects that made them popular among the users.

Now let’s have a quick look into the basic differences between these ammos. For your comfort, I’ve taken the cartridges with the same mass (10g).

Factors.303 British (10g).30-06 Springfield (10g)
Velocity844 m/s890 m/s
Energy3,463 J3,820 J
Mas Pressure (SAAMI)49,000 psi60,200 psi
Overall length3.075 in3.34 in
Price $2.50/rd$1.90/rd

Though you can compare the cartridges by their aspects the effectiveness also depends on the rifle. So, it is really necessary to have a good rifle to get the best performance from the cartridges.

If there is any defect in your rifle then it can also affect the performance of the cartridge. So make sure your rifle works properly and doesn’t have any defects in it. 

Remember there are also differences between 303 enfield vs 303 british.

In-Depth Comparison between 303 British and 30-06

Let’s assume you have a nice rifle and it works perfectly. Then comes the confusion of having cartridges. Because while choosing the perfect cartridges you need to examine so many different aspects.

Now let’s talk about the 303 rifle bullet and 30-06 deeply. So that it will be easier to you to choose the best one for your rifle.


Velocity is the most important aspect when you are going to choose the perfect cartridge for you. This shows how your bullet is going to reach the target. And obviously when you’ll shoot you’ll definitely want to reach close to the target as much as possible.

The .303 British (10g) has a velocity of 844 m/s. Which is kind of impressive for many of the users. And this velocity is enough to make a good hit on the target.

On the other hand, the .30-06 Springfield (10g) has a velocity of 890 m/s. Which is 46 m/s more than the .303 British (10g). As this cartridge has more velocity then you can say that it will be more accurate than .303 British (10g).

Winner: As .30-06 Springfield (10g) has more velocity so it wins this segment.


The impact of a bullet is described in terms of momentum and kinetic energy. The more pressing concern is how much of the energy will reach the goal. If the bullet goes through, a little amount of the projectile’s energy may be transferred to the target.

The majority of the energy may be transferred if the bullet deforms or mushrooms. A slow bullet that transfers all of its energy to the target. Which is more deadly than a quick one that goes through the target.

So, we can see that .303 British (10g) creates 3,463 J of energy. Which is very impressive. And it will create good damage to the target.

Then if you take a look at the .30-06 Springfield (10g) it creates 3,820 J of energy. Which is almost 400 J more than .303 British (10g)’s energy.

You have already got slow bullets or bullets with less energy damage more than the fast ones. So generally .303 British (10g) will damage more than the .30-06 Springfield (10g).

Winner: As .303 British (10g) will damage more that’s why it wins this segment. 


Availablity is one of the most concerning issues while choosing cartridges for your rifle. Suppose you are planning for a long adventure tour. Then you will definitely want to have some extra cartridges with you.

Then again you will be more satisfied with the availability in every place. It will be better if you can get your cartridges in ruler and remote areas right!

So, you will get more availability with .30-06 Springfield (10g). These bullets are very commonly available all around. 

You will also get.303 British (10g) in most of the city or town areas. But it won’t be that much available in rular and remote areas.

Winner: For being more available .30-06 Springfield wins this segment.


Price of the cartridges should be the main concern like velocity when choosing bullets right! Because bullets are something that needs continuous investments. 

So it is really important to have some cartridges with reasonable price points.

The .303 British (10g) will cost around $2.50 per round. Which is kind of a costly cartridge.

Then the .30-06 Springfield will cost around $1.90 per round. Which is 60 cents less than the .303 British (10g). This may not be seen as a big difference but it will become large when you’ll buy a bulky quantity.

Winner: For being more reasonable .30-06 Springfield wins this segment.

Which One You Should Choose!

As you can see .30-06 Springfield has more velocity and availability with a lower price point. Which makes this cartridge more attractive to the shooters.

But if you want to have less shoot and more damage to the target then.303 British can be your choice. And don’t forget it is also a popular cartridge among shooters.

So, now you can choose as per your preference.

Don’t forget to take safety precautions before shooting. Let me suggest to you some stuff that will keep you safe while shooting.

These protection tools will help you to save your ears and eyes while shooting. 


What is a 303 British comparable to?

303 British, necked down to fire a. 257 projectile, developed in Australia. Which was in the 1940s as a sporterized rifle cartridge. Notably for the Lee–Enfield action; comparable variants also emerged in Canada at the same time.

How accurate is a British 303?

Accuracy may vary depending on the rifle you are using. Most 303s are 60 to 100 years old, so keep that in mind. To 250-300 yards, a competent rifle should have a minute of deer accuracy. Though 303 British has a good velocity to hit accurately.

Is 303 British a good caliber?

Yes, in most cases it is a good caliber. The.303 British cartridge is ideal for hunting whitetail deer and black bears and is good for all medium-sized wildlife. It was a favorite moose and deer cartridge in Canada when military surplus rifles were plentiful and inexpensive.


I hope by now you have got a perfect idea about 303 british vs 30-06. I want to recommend the one as per your needs.

If there are any more queries, please drop them in the comment section.

Be safe while shooting. Take care.

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Eric James
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