How to Clean Leatherman Black Oxide?

Many people choose multi-tools with leatherman black coating. And the reason is pretty obvious. The matte-finished look will amaze you. But there are disadvantages also. Sometimes you can see the black oxide on your hand. 

So how to clean leatherman black oxide?

To clean the excess coating you can use a piece of cloth. No need to use new clothes. A damp cloth will do the work. Then using the cloth wipe down every part of the tool. For maintenance, you should use a lubricant. Use KPL(knife pivot lube) for better results. But you can use any gun oil.  

That was a small summary. If you want to know more about leatherman black oxide then read on. 

Is Leatherman Worth It?

It is a question many people search while they think about buying a multi-tool.

In the US market usually, the price of multi-tools starts from only 10 dollars. And the price can be up to 400 dollars. Now if you are an average user and gonna do some basic work you won’t need a 400-dollar multi-tool.

That’s what most people do. Normal users buy multi-tools ranging from 40-60 dollars. Now get back to the leatherman multi-tool.

Those who have a slight idea about multi-tools know that leatherman tools are very expensive. Their models are 100 dollars or more. Which is sometimes not affordable for many people. 

But to be honest, leatherman  is worth the price. Leatherman tools offer excellent value for your money. You will get top-notch performance. You don’t have to worry about durability. 

Leatherman uses premium materials for making their multi-tools. Also, their manufacturing is very precise. So once you buy a leatherman black oxide coated multi-tool you can use it for a long time.

So, if you don’t have budget problems you can buy a Leatherman multi-tool. But if you wanna save some money then you may search for other options available. 

How to Clean Black Oxide on Leatherman Wave?

Well, there are a few ways to clean black oxide on leatherman waves. You can follow whichever you like. So, let’s start!

Wash And Rinsey

It is a proven method. Wash it with soap and water. Make sure you wash it thoroughly. Then wipe it. After that, drench it with oil. You can use local or brand products. Then again wipe it thoroughly. 

It can be very oily at first. But after some time when the oil dries out, it looks very shiny. You would notice the minimal back-on-hand transfer. 

Use Gun Cleaning Cloth

If you have PST BO then you can use this formula. Use the gun cleaning cloth which is soaked in mineral oil to rub-down the entire tool. You would need to use a few patches of cloth to do the work. 

It would remove any kind of residual black oxide. Wipe it down with a dry cloth. Hopefully, you would not face any problems with it. 

In this process, no washing is required. Also, the mineral oil doesn’t leave the tool greasy. And a dry cloth won’t help either.

Light Rubbing

You can clean your leatherman’s black oxide with a dry rag. You just need to lightly rub for about four to five minutes.

Use Alcohol

Some people use this for cleaning their multi-tools. In this way, you would need a damp cloth and rubbing alcohol. Then you are all set. 

Give it a rub. Down of mineral water. Also some 3-n-1 in the joints. 

Therefore, some of the most efficient ways were discussed above to clean leatherman black oxide. You can apply any of the methods according to your preferences.

Now you may already know that there is a common multi-tool. Which is a stainless steel multi-tool. You should know what is the difference between both the multi-tools.

Knowing about both of the tools will aid you in determining which option is best for you.  And that will ultimately help you when you will buy a multi-tool next time.  

Leatherman Black Oxide Vs Stainless: Which One Is Better?

New users often become confused when choosing multi-tool models. Because there are numerous alternatives  in the market.

Suppose you have decided which tool you are gonna purchase. After that  you have to think about whether you should get it with black oxide. Or you are happy with regular stainless steel.

The thing is black oxide gives it  a matte finish. Which looks so cool. All the multi-tools are made from stainless steel. So the black oxide doesn’t provide any extra benefit.

Leatherman makes multi-tools by adding  a black oxide coating on the body of the tool. Though black oxide is not painted on the multi-tools. It is formed by chemical conversion. 

Below we have mentioned the key difference between black oxide coated multi-tool and stainless steel one. 

Black Oxide Stainless Steel 
Black oxide provides corrosion residence. That is equal to 144 hours of salt spray. Stainless steel ones don’t provide any corrosion resistance. 
Black oxide has less of an impact on critical dimensions.No need to be concerned about critical dimensions as there is no coating. 
Black oxide’s hardness is 5.5 on the Mohs scale.The hardness of the tool is less than that of black oxide coated. 
Looks very shiny. Looks less shiny than black oxide coated. 
Less reflective More reflective 
A bit costlier than the steel one. Budget-friendly 

Black oxide coated stainless steel rust just like the stainless steel multi-tool. 

Besides the look, black oxide multi-tools have other advantages. By which they are the first choice over stainless steel. We know that stainless steel is slippery.

Black oxide-coated multi-tool gives you a better grip. Though the black oxide is not very rough. But still, it provides better tactile feedback.


Does Black Oxide Wear Off?

Black oxide doesn’t wear off. You can see black smudges on your hand but not the coating. It’s not a defect; rather, it’s a bit of factory-left powder. You just need to wipe it down. As the black oxide coating is very thin it shows signs of wear after a certain time.

Can I Wash My Leatherman In the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash leatherman in the dishwasher. You just have  to open most of the tools. Then put it in a way where it gets a better plash of water. Finally put a little bit of lubricant in the pivot area.

How Durable Is Black Oxide Coating? 

The black oxide coating is very durable. It helps to avoid the chipping of metals. It also imparts the corrosion of resistance on the parts. Actually, it provides about 10th million of just an inch to the metal dimension. 


Hopefully, now you know how to clean leatherman black oxide? We have tried to answer all the queries you might have in your mind regarding leatherman black oxide. Maintaining the condition of your tool should always be a priority.

You can use a damp cloth for cleaning. Make sure you don’t damage the coating while cleaning.  Otherwise, you can just rinse it with water.

Best of luck!

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