Gerber Clutch vs Dime: Which One To Get?

Pliers are one of those everyday tools that we all are familiar with more or less. But, when it comes to purchasing one?

Well, people easily get confused between Gerber clutch and dime. We would not judge you if you were confused about them as well.

So, Gerber clutch vs dime– which one should you buy?

In terms of available functions, the Gerber clutch has more options than dime. Also, its built quality is more firm. But dime has better ergonomics. It’s also a comparatively more portable multi-tool. Then again in the case of affordability Gerber clutch is the better choice among the two.

That’s not it! We have prepared a comprehensive comparison of these two pliers for you. This will guide you towards finding the best fit for you.

So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s get started already!

Gerber Clutch vs Dime: Head-to-Head Comparison

In this section, we will be taking a look at the basic differences between these two models. Let’s see which one is better from different angles, shall we?

FeatureGerber ClutchGerber Dime
FunctionsComes with 10 functions.Includes 6 functions.
Build QualityBetter build quality.Slightly less impressive build quality.
ErgonomicsLess impressive ergonomics.Better ergonomics.
MobilityComparatively less portable.The most portable multitool.
Pricing $12Around $25

So, there you have your sneak peek of the features that set these two models apart from each other. In the next section, we will be discussing these features even further.

This will provide you with enough info to choose one!

Detailed Comparison

Now, you need a detailed idea to make a perfect choice. So, let’s dig in!

Feature 1: Functions

A super compact multi-tool has a naturally constrained size and variety of features. The Dime is a tiny set of pliers that includes a knife blade, tiny scissors, and a special “package opener”. 

Also, it has two standard screwdrivers that tuck into the grips. It also comes with a bottle opener which is always ready to use. It is attached to one of the plier handles.

Some people will utilize the bottle opener on a regular basis. Others will choose the blade or pliers that are easy to access. The materials are thin, and the pliers are tiny. 

These are excellent for light-duty plier duties, but their usability is constrained by their short reach and the flexibility of the thin materials. The blade is simple, razor-sharp, and tiny.

Approximately three times as many features are available on the bigger tools as on the Dime. The Dime is not the best option for flexibility. You pick it because of how portable it is.

On the other hand, the Gerber Clutch is packed with 10 amazing functions. It comes with a knife blade, a nail cleaner, and a file.

It also includes both small and medium flat blade screwdrivers. There is a crosspoint screwdriver as well. 

Additionally, Gerber Clutch has a keyring attachment and tweezers. A bottle opener is also included in it. And obviously, there are pliers. 


The Gerber Clutch wins this round with its 10 amazing functions that outnumber the Dime. 

Feature 2: Build Quality

Although Gerber creates quality tools, the Dime is simply too little. Gerber had to employ thin metal in key locations to accommodate all these characteristics into a product. It’s not just them.

Due to the additional hinges and other components, multi-pliers are by nature weaker than specific pliers. But even with typical power and use, the small Dime pliers are sufficiently weak to shatter or bend.

In fact, if you are testing an earlier Gerber multi-tool, it would break. The Dime is powerful enough for mild to moderate domestic and mechanical applications. And, it is far tougher than other discontinued models.

Just be aware that you shouldn’t count on the Dime’s pliers to free jammed bolts or flex thick gauge wiring.

The Gerber Dime sticks out when placed next to a tool of comparable size.

However, the Gerber Clutch is somewhat of a similar size.

The Clutch may be of the same size but the additional functions it provides make the difference. Due to these added functions, the build quality drops when compared to the Dime.


The Dime prevails due to its comparatively better build quality.

Feature 3: Mobility

The Dime is the second-smallest product made by Gerber. Size and weight are the two factors that are most important to consider while evaluating portability. 

The Dime weighs only 66 grams and is actually smaller and lighter than the majority. Even in densely populated places, the dime will essentially vanish.

The tool includes a tiny split loop that is ready to fit into a keychain. And, the external curves are clean enough to not harm the cloth of your pockets any more than your home keys will.

In all other respects, the Dime clearly belongs in a different class because it weighs roughly just over a quarter as much as the Editors’ Choice.

It shouldn’t matter that the Dime lacks two carry options that a few of the bigger items feature. Simply put, the Dime is significantly smaller.

The Dime is far farther than the other full-size equipment than they are from one another.

Now, if you compare the mobility of the Dime with the Clutch, the slight difference in size matters. The clutch is slightly bigger than the Dime. Even though the difference is very negligible, it still takes a larger space in your pocket.

The added weight also plays a crucial role here. The Gerber Clutch weight is approximately 85 grams, which is 19 grams more than the Dime. This added weight is the result of the extra functions that you get with a Clutch.

For this, the Clutch feels a bit heftier when you carry it around.


The Gerber Dime is the clear winner here with a slightly smaller size and lesser weight. 

Feature 4: Pricing

The Gerber Dime pricing stands at around $25. In general, Gerber is recognized for producing high-quality equipment and knives. 

This is pricing that is lower than many of the competition. The Dime is unquestionably an excellent deal as a specialty item.

However, the Gerber Clutch pricing stands at only $12. This is a super cheap option that attracts many people all around.

The reason why Gerber Dime is priced higher is because of its compact size and mobility. 


Gerber Clutch clutches this round with its sheer affordability!

Which One Should You Buy?

Well, both these Gerber models are vastly popular for their different merits. However, it’s totally up to you to find the right one for you. In the end, it boils down to your preferences and budget.

If you’re looking for more functions and better build quality, the Clutch would be the ideal pick. You won’t regret using it, that’s for sure.

For a compact size and more mobility to carry it around, you should go for the Dime. It’s one of a kind! 

And of course, if you are tight on budget, the Gerber Clutch is here to save the day. It totally depends on you.


What kind of multitool do Navy SEALs employ?

The SOG Reactor is used by Navy SEALs for multitools. It adheres to a very distinct utilitarian philosophy, focusing in particular on solitary usefulness. This is due to the possibility that your second hand is holding onto a rocky outcrop or, maybe, smacking a terrorist.

Are multitools permitted on aircraft?

You should generally avoid packing sharp things in your carry-on luggage. It is forbidden to use multipurpose tools with blades of any length. Put these goods in your checked luggage, please.

What Leatherman is the priciest?

It has to be the Leatherman Free P4. It is the biggest and most costly multitool in the current Free series, with 21 tools. It really doesn’t seem like something of a full-size multitool, however, despite its enormous functionality.

End Note

That’s all for today. Hopefully, now you can choose one for yourself between the Gerber clutch vs dime.

We will be back with more interesting comparisons very soon. 

Till then, adios!

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Eric James
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