Douk Douk vs Mercator: Which One Do I Choose Wisely?

If you are getting a small knife, you may have not thought about the comparison. Douk Douk or Mercator basically seems the same. But no, these are not the same and have certain distinct. You need to know which one is better for you!

So, which one do I get between Douk Douk vs Mercator?

Mercator has better blades than the Douk Douk knives. In addition, Mercator knives also have variations in their looks, unlike Douk Douk knives. However, Douk Douk has a better handle than Mercator knives. And the price of these knives is cheaper than Mercator too.

This brief comparison is nothing to move to the final decision. So, read along to get to the main part to find out all the differences!

Get started right away!

Douk Douk vs Mercator: A Quick Comparison

Here is a quick comparison that you need at the beginning. Take a look.

FeaturesDouk DoukMercator
PriceAround $30 (Amazon)Around $45(Amazon)

This gives you a heads-up to the main part.

Douk Douk vs Mercator: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you move on to the detailed comparison as you have covered the quick comparison. Take a look.

Blade of The Knives

The first thing that you may want to consider is the blade. Take a look.

Douk Douk

A Mercator’s blade will be substantially larger. These knives are around 8 inches long. In addition to that, the blades can be 4 to 5 inches long. 

And this is the typical Douk Douk knife size

Using a Douk Douk knife is quite simple. But remember one thing. With this, you better cut the regular things with these knives.

Because cutting massive or denser objects with this would not be a good idea. This is because the blades of these are generally thick


Mercator is a knife that is really short. It’s designed for smaller objects, such as veggies or small shrimps.

Therefore, you must strive for a blade with a length of about 5 inches. Mercator blades are usually made of high-carbon steel and have a curvy edge.

But these knives are in no way any less sharp than the others. If you wonder, how to use a Mercator knife, it’s normal. You can use these knives just like the other ones.

The chopping motion would be vertical and normal with speed. However, if you want to go fast, these can be really good at that.

They will have an advantage in the long run. As with other Japanese blades, the edge is sharpened to a 15 to 17-degree angle.

You can also chop meats precisely. In a nutshell, a Mercator knife is used for this. And this can be a good meat cutter. But there are more Mercator knife uses.

Thus, Douk Douk has a curvy edge whereas Mercator has thick ones. So, this explains the difference between Douk Douk vs Mercator.

Winner: In terms of the blade, Mercator wins. Because these have curvy edges which help to cut objects more easily.

Handle of The Knives

Like any other blade, Douk Douk and Mercator have distinct handles attached to them. So, take a look here. 

Douk Douk

Douk Douk is more likely to have rounded, smooth-surfaced handles. This allows for a softer grip, which is important when exerting a lot of effort.

You may hardly lose the grip if you ever do so. But people generally do not do it though. Because the handle is shaped in a way that your hand just sets on it.

Each of these knives has a grip consisting of various materials. Some are constructed of timber, while others will be built entirely of plastic.

All in all, you could hold the knife very firmly when you are using it. These are similar to the traditional knives which are very convenient to hold.


On the other hand, the handle of a Mercator is rectangular. This is just like that of other traditional Japanese swords.

And this may take a little longer to get acclimated to individuals. This applies, especially to those who are used to European knives.

It can, however, result in a comfortable and stable grip if you keep using it.

Winner: Douk Douk knives win when it comes to the handle. Because these are usually more convenient to hold up.


Looks may matter when you are making the purchase. Although it does not put a direct effect, we still look at it.

Douk Douk

Douk Douk knives have a typical appearance. The color of these knives is generally black. You may hardly find any variation in the design or the color.

So, you may not expect any variation in the looks of these knives.


If you look at the Mercator knives, you would find variations. These knives come in a number of colors.

You may expect to get these knives in black, grey, or white. In addition, these knives have also pinkish or greenish colors available.

So, you would be satisfied with the variations and distinct in its appearance.

Winner: When you think of the appearance, Mercator knives win. This is because they have varieties of colors available. As a result, you get a range of choices.


Price is the final factor to consider before making the purchase. Take a look.

Douk Douk

A Douk Douk knife costs reasonable compared to many other folding knives. If you want to get one of these, you need to spend around $30.

The price generally does not go over that. Rather, you may even come up with lower prices in fact.

So, you can understand that a Douk Douk folding knife would be really reasonable.


On the other hand, a Mercator knife is a bit more in price. That means these are not as cheap as the Douk Douk knives. 

To buy one of these knives, you need to spend around $45. Although it might not be that different, it still makes a significant difference.

Because there is a gap of around $15 or more for this. So, you may need to consider the budget in that case.

Winner: In terms of the pricing, the Douk Douk knives come first. Because these are cheaper than the Mercator knives.

Which One to Choose Finally?

Now, for any more confusion, this is what you need. Because this would help you to make up your final decision.

If you want better looks and blades, go for the Mercator knives. However, Douk Douk would be better if you consider the pricing. In addition, the handling of this is better as well.


Can I use the small knives to cut thick objects?

Well, this actually depends on the thickness of the objects. You can definitely cut thick objects with your knife. But you can not expect to cut a beef bone with a small knife. On average, you may cut thick objects if they are soft or like that. But you can cut all the regular things.

Can I change the handling of my knife?

Yes, you can change the handling of your knife if you want. However, it is not a very common practice to do so. Only if you actually need it, you may change the handling of a knife. Because changing knife handling may also drop the quality. Holding it would not be the same then.

How long can I use Mercator?

You can use these knives all your lifetime. Because these are the ones that have come out to be very long-lasting. If you can just use them properly, these would go at least 15 years. And keeping that in mind, these can really go all your life.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Douk Douk vs Mercator! We believe you have got no more issues choosing the right one for you.

Remember one thing about this. You may think it is not that important to differentiate small knives before you buy. But this can be subtle and really helpful too if you do so.

All the best!

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Eric James
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