Nitecore P12 Not Working: Reasons And Solutions to It

Nitecore p12 has been a great flashlight from its start. However, like the other ones, this has also come across a few issues. And it’s just problematic when this flashlight suddenly stops working. You may be in the dark and just lost!

So, why is the Nitecore p12 not working?

Your flashlight may not be working due to exposure to moisture. But you may dry out to resolve this. However, your light batteries may be dead and need replacement of the batteries. And finally, there may be mechanical issues, which need internal solutions. You follow the solutions accordingly!

This gives you the reasons behind this issue. But to solve this, you need to go through the solutions we got here.

So, get started now!

Why Is My Nitecore P12 Not Working?

If your Nitecore p12 is having issues, you must not be worried. Because this is actually easy to solve. You just need to identify the reasons behind the issues. 

Thus, you may get to the solutions to get this solved. So, take a look here to know about the reasons. You get here the respective solutions as well.

Reason 1: Moisture

A very common reason for your light to not work is the moisture. Although this is a common one, a lot of users are not concerned about it.

You may be going out with your Nitecore p12 flashlight. But you would not consider the weather actually. 

And if it is winter or rainy season, you need to look at it. You basically have to be a bit concerned about the humidity level.

Because your flashlight may get wet if the weather is like that. So, that means water particles from the air can get into your flashlight.

And gradually, your flashlight would have more water particles than it could bear. This happens mainly due to over-exposure to outdoor conditions.

As a result, your flashlight may stop working suddenly with time. So, what to do if my Nitecore p12 is wet

Well, you basically need to dry it off. And move on to the solution here to know how to do it.


To get this solved, you need to follow a few simple things. First, turn off the flashlight and just get a towel. You need to wipe off your entire flashlight firmly.

Make sure you do not leave off any place while wiping off the flashlight. But if you think your flashlight has got wet, you can do another thing.

That is, you may use raw rice seed for this. Put your flashlight in a bucket or bowl of raw rice seeds. Keep it like that for like hours. 

This would help your flashlight to dry off with time.

Reason 2: Weak Or Dead Batteries

Another common reason for this might be faulty batteries. That means the batteries that you are using for your flashlight may be weak or dead.

To understand this, you may come up with a few symptoms. Like, you may see that your flashlight blinks suddenly.

And this blinking would just keep on increasing gradually. After a while, your flashlight would just stop working properly due to this.

That is when your flashlight batteries are dead! Now, you may wonder how do I resolve the issues of Nitecore p12 dead batteries? Jump to the next segment for the solution.


You basically do not have multiple solutions to this. But what you do is follow the straightforward solution. That is, you need to replace the battery of your flashlight.

But before you get your batteries replaced, try to test them once. You may use an ammeter to test your flashlight battery.

And if you can confirm that your flashlight batteries are faulty then just replace them.

Now, for any confusion with the battery type, know that you better use the same type. If you are not sure about it yet, take a look here. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Hope this helps!

Reason 3: Mechanical Issues

A very common reason could be mechanical issues. There might be various issues here. To know about this, you may come up with a few symptoms.

But the symptoms are not always the same and are a must. Symptoms of this could be like the light turning on late or blinking. 

You would also come up with other symptoms that may disturb you. But there is a positive side to this issue. 

That is you may possibly resolve most of them with a single solution. Yes, you read that right. 

You may solve the mechanical or internal issues of Nitecore p12 following a single solution. And this can even work with a number of different models of this company.


To fix this, you first take off the pocket clip that you have installed. Then loosen and take off the tail cap. You also need to take off the head from its tube.

So, you actually take the light into 3 parts, head, middle, and tail part. In a few recent models, the front or head part is attached to the main body.

As a result, you may find it hard to detach the body. In that case, you may just keep it like that. But it would be definitely better to detach that.

Now, take a clean cloth and wipe away the body threads. Do not overlook any place while wiping it off. 

But make sure you do not use any chemicals or watery substances while cleaning this. Using any such things may damage your flashlight permanently. So, refrain from using those!

Once you are done wiping off the parts completely, wait for a while. That means to let those parts rest for a few minutes. But make sure there is no dust around.

Then tighten the head back to the body. After that, you need to set in the battery towards the front.

Make sure the battery is there with the positive buttons. Now, you tighten back the tail to the main body. While attaching the tail, see if the tail plate is tight or loose.

If you find the tail plate loose, tighten it. Because this could also be a reason for your flashlight issues. Once you do this, you press the power button to turn it on.

Then you would see that your light starts working again. So, these are the simple solutions to follow if your Nitecore p12 is not working!


Is it better to replace the flashlight if it has issues?

No, you do not necessarily have to replace your flashlight if it has issues. Because what you can do instead is just fix it accordingly. But if the issues are mechanical or not fixable then you better consider replacing them. In case you can not fix the issues, you may also seek professional help.

Can dust particles damage my flashlight?

Yes, too many dust particles can damage your flashlight with time. Like, if the light has too much exposure to dust, it might be damaged eventually. But generally, there is no warning to prevent it from dust as it is already considered. You just need to make sure it does not attract too much dust.

What to do if my flashlight gets wet accidentally?

Well, you need to make sure you dry out your flashlight before it is too late. In case you can not get out of the water, your flashlight would be damaged. You may use raw rice to dry it off. And if it is not that much, you may just rub off the light quickly. But failing to do that would cost you.

The Final Words

Now you know why the Nitecore p12 is not working! You would have no problem now solving these issues.

But remember one thing. Some people overlook the fact when the light blinks. But this is basically a very common symptom of a light issue. And you can prevent your light condition from following this.

So, you must not overlook this symptom in any way.

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